Organic, Free-Range, Free- Farmed(SPCA approved)

Organic, Free-Range, Free- Farmed(SPCA approved) from Clarks Organic Butchery

By: Clarks Organic Butchery  12-Jul-2011
Keywords: Natural Health, Meat, Organic

 Clarks Organic Meat Specialists sells organic products, free range products, and free-farmed (SPCA approved) products. Our beef and lamb are organic, our chicken and eggs are free range, and our pork and pig products are free-farmed (SPCA approved). Clarks has been a butchery for over 60 years but in 2001 the business changed focus to become an organic butchery. Providing top quality organic, free range and free farmed meats enables Clarks to cater for a wide range of health conscious customers who care about the source of their meat products. We make it very clear which meats are organic, free range or free farmed and are happy to tell you about the ingredients in our sausages etc. If you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to ask via our online enquiry form.

Keywords: Meat, Natural Health, Organic