Colour diamonds and designer gemstones have just landed from the States

By: Julian Bartrom Jewellery  19-Mar-2014
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Colour diamonds and designer gemstones have just landed from the States Recently returned from California with many colour diamonds, Julian Bartrom’s stock of high-end gems is flusher than it has ever been; we now have a selection of the finest quality black diamonds, and one very rare, fancy pink diamond. In colour stones we have a set of classy blue tourmalines for earrings, a couple of huge designer-cut citrines, some classic cut, fine quality sapphires and emeralds and many other beautiful big gemstones. Already one or two clients have asked for a gemstone to be put aside and we are in the process of designing some unique pieces of jewellery with these stones, which they will to be able to wear for Christmas. With the completion of the diamond portion of his training, with the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), Julian is now qualified as a Diamond Graduate. The GIA is renowned for developing the ‘Four C’s’ by which diamonds are graded worldwide; ‘Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat weight’. Most diamonds today are accompanied by a GIA certificate, which describes every characteristic of a diamond or gem and helps determine value. Upon completion of the GIA Diploma, Julian will be qualified to grade stones and to verify that a diamond is authentic and matches its certificate. NEWS: 26.7.13 Fine Gemstone buying trip to the United States On September 4th Julian Bartrom will be making a trip to the United States to do a Diamond Grading and Gem Identification Course with the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). During his time there he will be meeting with many fine gemstone suppliers and will be bringing back quality gemstones to replenish stocks. Emeralds, sapphires, and fancy colour diamonds are on the list and Julian is hoping to bring back some large gemstones and more unusual cut gemstones that speak for themselves. If you have any specific gemstone requirement that would otherwise be hard to find, please let us know and Julian would be very happy to look out for it during his trip. Julian returns on October 10th. All stock will be held in a bank safe in town and anyone is welcome to view these stones by appointment.

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