By: Urbanlogic  06-Dec-2011

Successful transport solutions are about more than optimising traffic management and improving traffic flow. Planning for pedestrian movement, for instance, is a key ingredient in creating successful urban design.

Urbanlogic is about “Designing for Tomorrow” to help shape a more sustainable and more efficient transport system. The result: lasting environmental benefits and improved integration across all transportation and pedestrian networks.

Our record and experience in infrastructure varies from shared space to sustainable highway design, from green routes to new town developments.

Experienced and proven ability in:

  • Shared space designs and detail designs
  • Homezone designs
  • Streetscape upgrades
  • Intersections and roading layouts
  • Traffic calming and approach
  • Cycle network approaches and frameworks
  • Peer review

Other products and services from Urbanlogic



Working on some of the UK’s and New Zealand’s largest and most important heritage landscapes, means that Urbanlogic has a holistic and strategic understanding of the special cultural significance inherent in many urban environments. Urbanlogic’s experience in landscape heritage draws on 14 years involving historic landscapes and historic buildings.


Landscape Architecture

Producing plans that look pretty on paper but lack realistic outcomes is not what we do; we have the skills to make sure we can implement the vision to meet genuine outcomes that also inspire. Creativity and flair and pride ourselves on delivering practical design solutions that make a difference.


Project Management

Applying knowledge of both project management and project delivery to move design solutions forward, through all project phases, we place a premium on building trust with clients, consultants, sub-consultants and key stakeholders. With the benefit of proven experience Urbanlogic brings together essential skills in coordinating the input from multi-disciplinary teams dealing with complex design challenges.



We have specialised in the production of complex and high quality detail design documentation, solutions, technical specifications and contract packages at a range of scales and in a range of environments that don’t compromise the outcome or budget.


Urban Design

Urbanlogic’s experience brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to any urban design project with a firm understanding of integration into existing movement networks, the landscape and the surrounding urban fabric. Delivering a sustainable model requires a detailed understanding of how successful towns and cities work and the relationships between buildings and open space.