Final Touch Detailing

By: Auckland Dent Repair  02-Nov-2015
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​Having a professionally detailed car is the perfect way to keep it looking as good as it did when it came off the lot. When you think of paying someone to clean your car, the natural instinct is to wonder why you don’t just clean your car yourself. Detailing your own car is great, but before you clear out your weekend schedule, buy all of your supplies, and get to work. Resale Value Getting the job done by professionals is an easy way to increase your car’s resale value, not only right now, but later on down the line as well. When you make your car as eye-catching as possible, the resale value will be at its peak. Professionals will additionally use protective products for your car’s exterior, so if there is a possibility that you might eventually sell your car, getting it done by professionals will keep the resale value as high as possible. The professional touch, the tools, products, and knowledge that professionals have access to are not always available to the general public. The process of car detailing is pretty cut and dry, but a professional has specialized equipment to handle the job as efficiently as possible. They will typically use specialty tools and products, such as sealants, rotary buffers, and shampoos. You can find these items out on the market yourself, but it is not feasible if the main reason you want to detail your own car is to save money. Save Time A good detailing job is going to take a fair amount of time, and taking your car to a professional will cut that time down immensely. A thorough cleaning can take up to 6 hours if doing it yourself. Additionally, ponder the time it will take to learn every product and skill that is involved in the process of detailing and then spend time finding and purchasing all of the supplies necessary to do the job. You will definitely save time by getting it done by us. Paint Health Properly washing, waxing, and polishing your car will extend the life of your car’s paint immensely. Your paint is a protective layer for the metal underneath, and if it is allowed to degrade, corrosion and rust can do serious damage to your car with some serious consequences. A reasonably priced cleaning package that specifically deals with paint protection is a good start. Road Salt Road salt can be one of the top reasons to get a proper detail done regularly in areas where it snows during certain times of the year. Salt and mud deposits can get built up in the wheel wells and under the chassis. Over the course of time, these deposits can begin to eat right through your car’s paint, causing damage to your car that may not be easily repaired. Optimal Visibility A small but very important part of getting a proper detailing is making sure your headlights are clear and free of any damage. You can have a major reduction in light output from even a moderate amount of dirt or grime deposits on your headlights. This can potentially be hazardous in low light conditions or during harsh weather. Condition of the Interior Embarrassing odors can be prevented by the regular cleaning of your interior. You can also protect interior surfaces from fading over time and help to preempt any cracking or discoloration which may occur on your dash panels. This is an easy and convenient way to improve your resale price, and it also will add comfort to being in your vehicle. Wheels and Tires Your wheels and tires can also be adversely affected by substances that will build up during normal driving conditions. Solvents, oils, and brake dust can not only cause your wheels to look dirty, they can cause corrosion, cracking in the sidewalls, and even failure of your wheels. A regular detailing of your wheels is highly recommended. There are countless reasons to detail your car, and not all of them are merely superficial. A proper cleaning job can maintain your car just as much as changing your oil or spark plugs, so make sure you get a final touch detailing regularly. Check out this video to see the most common mistakes that people make.

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