Ilan Wittenberg is awarded NZIPP Portrait Photography Qualification

Ilan Wittenberg is awarded NZIPP Portrait Photography Qualification from Wow Photography

By: Wow Photography  01-Feb-2012
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Ilan Wittenberg has just been Qualified in Portrait Photography by New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP). Ilan's portrait set can be viewed here. NZIPP Founded in 1938, NZIPP is the only qualifying body for professional photographers in New Zealand. In order to gain Qualified Professional Status, photographers must pass stringent membership criteria, proving technical and creative excellence. The code of ethics ensures professionalism in all aspects of the photography business. As qualified NZIPP members, Ilan now belongs to a supportive network of New Zealand's elite photographers. This can prove invaluable in the unlikely event of an unforeseen circumstance preventing Ilan from shooting on the day - he has a network of colleagues, all superb photographers, whom he can call on. Being a member of NZIPP ensures Ilan remains at the cutting-edge of developments in photography and design. NZIPP holds regular workshops, seminars and conferences, promoting excellence in all aspects of photography. It is customers' guarantee of professionalism, technical excellence and creative flair. Hiring an NZIPP-qualified photographer also provides a backstop in the unlikely event of a dispute. NZIPP then provides a mediation service, enabling a result that is acceptable to all parties. NZIPP Qualification programme NZIPP Qualification programme (Q certificates) exists to establish a standard of quality in the businesses of the institutes’ members. It identifies NZIPP members to the public as photographers who have attained a credible quality standard. It helps ensuring that they are in NZIPP for the right reasons which stem from a commitment to running their businesses in a professional way, with skill and knowledge. This is what separates the NZIPP from associations and groups with no entry restrictions. A Qualification certificate is required before a member can advertise themselves as a member of the Institute and use the NZIPP logo in any of their advertising. Assessment The Qualification assessment is carried out anonymously. Applicants are asked to provide a random four digit pin number with their application form to ensure confidentiality of the submission. The Qualification assessment panel usually consists of five judges and no less than three. In addition, at least 60% of the panel should be made up of Associates, Masters, or Fellows of the Institute. Judging Criteria The Qualification assessment panel is looking for a competent standard of work: Presentation: encompasses the first impression of the submission. Composition, Positioning and Lighting, demonstrating thorough understanding of all of these elements. Print control and image quality. Well exposed and well printed images. Creativity, style, expression and emotion where appropriate, showing a variety of creative knowledge and skills. Finally the question, how the judges feel overall is: “Would I send a friend, relative, or colleague to this photographer?”

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Ilan Wittenberg has won four Bronze and three Silver awards from the NZIPP

Kudos to Ilan Wittenberg for winning Three Silver and Four Bronze Awards with NZIPP!

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Five bronze Iris Awards to Ilan Wittenberg with NZIPP