Landscape Design for your Home Garden

Landscape Design for your Home Garden from Seed Landscapes

By: Seed Landscapes  13-Oct-2014
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Linking the pool to the house was a major consideration in the design. The plan involved creating an easy transition between spaces, leading the eye out and across the property and creating an engaging journey. It was great that the clients opted to forego a lawn as it provided scope for the travelling decks. The height between the existing pool and the house was very similar with it only needing 3 steps between them. This allowed the decks to float above the garden at a height where you are surrounded by lush planting, around, below and above, you are truly deep within the garden. The distance effectively disappears as the decks bridge the garden and the pool draws you across. You wouldn't realise you are in Grey Lynn. The garden was previously a mossy bowl with lots of mismatched step heights, the travel was up and down and a bit precarious. The borrowed landscape with the Nikau and Pohutukawa from the park along with the existing stand of banana drove the decision to plant in the subtropical style. Cool roots and a sheltered suntrap has created a microclimate that has had the plants grow at an astonishing rate. My advice was to install good quality soils and mulches, start right and you will be rewarded with outstanding growth and plant health protecting and enhancing your garden. The decking is Kwila. Laying the decking on different angles on each deck created energy and movement across the site. The details included double sided batton screening and they were beautifully constructed. The bold Vreisea 'Imperialis rubra' bromeliads set on posts and pavers at deck height give great drama and structure to the garden, further directing the view to the pool. The clients are delighted...take a look at my website to see Craig and Jacqui's review

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