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By: Zoom Infotech  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization

We , are a complete Search engine optimization & marketing firm based in Chandigarh, India offering , SEM, PPC, Social bookmarking, Article promotion and much more. 
We shall be disclosing you with more surprises and quality offerings as the year proceeds further. Our strategic tie-ups to offer our clients a huge exclusive discounts not available anywhere, is part of our economical meant for our value conscious clients. We hope you would love it.

Our Featured Services are:

Keywords Research: Identifying the best keywords with respect to your online marketing campaign is a very important service that we provide. To reach the target audience intelligent keyword choice is crucial. We will expand your existing keyword list to include important keywords and phrases relevant to your business and based on keyword search frequency and relevance to your website, we will recommend target keywords.

Analysing Competition: We go through many websites and recognize the best websites that rank well on different search engines. We formulate a strategy keeping in mind these websites so that we rank well as well.

Link Building: To get high rank position with the search engines and more traffic to your website, it is essential to work out a focused link building strategy to establish link popularity on the web. Higher the quality of incoming links better your search engine rankings and internet visibility. We offer the following manual link building programs to assist you with your website promotion program:

Article submissions: This is a very effective way of enhancing your website’s Link Popularity. By publishing articles online, participating in discussion forums, listing your website in online directories, we can help generate a large number of one way links to your website. 

We have professional Content Writers who can write articles for you that are keyword rich and contain links to your website. Every time we publish an article online, you get an additional back link that strengthens your Link Popularity.

Directory Submissions: These are business directories which are categorized. we need to make sure that we get our site listed to recognized directories under the right category. We do all this manually which is recommended by Google as well.

Writing Meta tags :Writing Meta Tags is of great importance. This is the first thing a search engine will notice in your website and will relate the content with this. It will rank your website higher if relation is established between content and Meta tags. Also making Meta tags impressive and keywords rich will help in better rankings on search engines.

Link Submission to Social bookmarking sites: Social Bookmarking is the latest trend to get traffic to your website. Sites like Digg.com, Spinn.com etc have huge traffic and keep updating every minute with millions of users. If we can show up on top of these sites we are most likely to get thousands of visitors.

Writing articles: Writing Articles is all about writing content related to your products and services. It could be comparison or describing your services. Our content writers go through different websites before writing and we make sure that the articles are SEO friendly and keywords rich . We then distribute these articles using different web methods.

Creating accounts on Squidoo: Squidoo is like a blog which is free but is loved by Google as it gets indexed very quickly. So whatever you write is being read by Google here very quickly. This means that we write about our products/services and can link back to our website. Regular updation of squidoo accounts can be extremely beneficial.

Press releases: We can write press releases as well but that is extra. For Distribution of already written press release we include this in the package.

Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization