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By: Zealab  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Hearing Aid, Hearing Device, Dental Prosthesis

Kaygar Gel is a high quality hydrocolloid duplication gel which is used to manufacture acrylic hearing aids, and dental prosthetics, by the light polymerization technique. 

It is a thermoreversible gel, and is compatible with standard equipment and techniques. 

Kaygar contains high strength agar-agar, glycerol in an aqueous base. 

Does it keep its shape?

It is important that a cast made from duplicating gel must retain its dimensions during short-term storage.

During product development, Kaygar was stored at accelerated conditions (40°C at ambient and high humidity) for 5 days.  Under these conditions, Kaygar behaved identically to a major European-sourced brand of hydrocolloid duplicating gel, with low shrinkage.

Does it cope with recycling?

Kaygar is preserved with a four component preservative system (often used in cosmetic products), to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.  

During repeated use/recycling procedures, Kaygar does not exhibit microbial growth, proving that the preservative system is effective.

Is it transparent and strong?

Kaygar’s clarity and strength are excellent.

What is agar?

Agar (also known as agar-agar) is a highly purified polysaccharide which is produced by certain species of seaweed. 

Who uses Kaygar?

A wide range of Hearing Device Manufacturers are using Kaygar: from the large multinational companies, to the small-scale specialist. 

Why choose Kaygar?

Because Kaygar is made locally, in 5kg pails, it can be delivered within 7-days from placing your order.  This way you can order just as you require it, rather than tying up cash in large inventory holdings.  Logistic and Finance departments love this!

In some cases hearing aids fail to fit/seal properly in the ear canal.  It may be advisable to coat the device's smooth acrylic surface with a pliable matt coating.  The process of adding the coating requires the use of UV curing, in the absence of oxygen. 

K-Gel is an effective 'Oxy-stop' gel, which prevents oxygen in the ambient air from reaching the polymerisation site, enabling the sucessful coating of the hearing aid's surface.

K-Gel is a specialised product, highly sought after by multinational companies due to the discontinuation of Dreve Otoplastik's original product "Oxystop gel"

K-Gel is available in 200g containers

Keywords: Dental Prosthesis, Hearing Aid, Hearing Device