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This is a one Year part time course for students who have completed YA200 training and are interested in becoming Yoga Alliance500 hour registered teachers.

Date: Commencing 4 February 2012.

Mantra is the song of a star and it will transport you to that star



The aim of the training course is to FURTHER the training of professional Ashtanga Yoga Teachers in accordance with the teachings of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute Mysore India and Yoga Alliance 500 hour registration.

The course continues the training of YA200 graduates in order to enhance their professional edge and enable them to register at the YA500 level with the Yoga Alliance.

Important Note: Training is focused on trainees becoming teachers at the Yoga Academy. At the successful completion of the YA500 course trainees may apply for teaching posts at the Yoga Academy. However, the availability of Yoga Academy teaching positions are limited to those becoming available through natural attrition (i.e. existing teachers leaving).


In order to be considered for this course the student MUST BE a graduate of the YA200 Course as taught at the Yoga Academy and mastered all poses in the Primary Series.

Assessment Procedures

The student will be assessed for competency in specific skills, knowledge and attitude as demonstrated via written and verbal assignments, practical exercises, group discussion, presentations to peer group and tutor, case studies etc.

While work is not graded, all work must be handed in on the due date and completed to a satisfactory standard.

To pass the course:

  • all the work set by the tutor for the students must be completed.
  • 80% attendance at the classroom sessions, asana sessions, modules and practicum sessions is required.

    Assessment of the students teaching practice will be given every four weeks. Within the content of the assessment, areas requiring specific focus and development will be outlined.

Certification and recognition gained from completion of this course

On successful graduation students are presented with a certificate from The Yoga Academy,
which entitles them to:

  • register with Yoga Alliance
  • use the title 'registered yoga teacher' or 'RYT500' after their name
  • use the Yoga Alliance logo.

YA 500 Program Outline

This is a one year part time training program totaling 900 hours.

The program is comprised of:

In addition the students are expected to undertake home study (approximately 3 hours per week).

The program commences on 4 Februay 2012.

This first day allows for the formal introduction of the course, the tutors and participants:

  • Tutors and students are introduced to one another and given the opportunity to begin developing the relationships that will mature during the course.
  • The course syllabus and year calendar are issued. In addition, course policies, structures and procedures are discussed and formally agreed.
  • Assignments are outlined and some are issued.
  • Trainees are also filmed as a group undertaking the first asana practice of the course (note this process occurs again at the end of the course to enable students to see a visible record of their progress). Note: This process occurs again In Dec so the two can be compared and the evidence of progress made obvious. These videos are played side by side at Graduation so the trainees and their loved one’s can witness the changes (physical, mental. emotional and spiritual) .

There are FIVE professional development learning modules for the YA500 course spread over 11 on-site classroom weekends starting in February 2012 and ending in December 2009:

  1. Yoga Anatomy and Physiology II (4 Saturday afternoons)
  2. Business Administration (1 Saturday afternoon)
  3. Fine Tuning Teaching Skills II (4 Saturday afternoons)
  4. Teaching Private Clients (1 weekend)
  5. Philosophy II (8 early Saturday mornings) For more details see the Professional Development Modules (Level Two) page.

The essence and integrity of teaching yoga comes from one's 10 hour a week personal practice. Discipline and commitment to practice is essential .The time-honored adage "you must walk your talk" definitely applies to teaching yoga.

Trainees attend a total of 10 hours per week of asana practice in classes, up to 2 hours in duration:

  • 2 hours per week in contact with tutor
  • 8 hours per week non-contact with tutor (at least one non-contact class with tutor)
  • half hour per month learning chants with tutor

Each student must complete a self-directed 5000 word study on Yoga Anatomy or Yoga Philosophy.

The Practicum is focused on “hands-on” experiences in actual yoga classes. This includes:

  • on going training as an assistant in a Mysore class (10 months) and Beginner class (2 months).
  • at the end on the second month the student will teach solo their own beginner and Mysore classes (a minimum of one each per week).

A tutor will be assigned to supervise and guide and support the student. Trainees find the Practicum to be an exciting, challenging and potent method of learning how to teach the vast range of body and personality types within a yoga class.

The student is required to attend a minimum of five face to face (one hour) meetings with their tutor to discuss their, practice, teaching skills and other relevant matters pertaining to the student's progress.

Set in a relaxed atmosphere with music, together with celebratory cake and chai, the graduation ceremony is attended by family, friends and peers. It acknowledges the right of passage from student to teacher.

Certificates are awarded to YA 200 and 500 graduates. There are speeches, by both trainees and teachers and sometimes performances of dance or poetry (as the students wish). Family, friends and peers are thanked and acknowledge for their willingness to support the trainees through the challenging year of transformation and growth.

Note: Video presentations are on view (in particular the first and last asana sessions that visibly show the changes that have occurred over the year) as are still shots of the trainees practicing yoga and meditation and teaching (peer group teaching).

Schedule of Costs:


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Address:
  • Confirmation of YA200 from the Yoga Academy

Keywords: Mats, Yoga, Yoga Academy

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