XADO engine oils

By: XADO  09-Aug-2011
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 Atomic revitalizant is the main distinctive feature of XADO oils.
•  decrease fuel consumption
•  damp extreme loads
•  reduce noise and vibration
•  protect engine during cold startXADO Atomic Oils
Application of XADO oils is a guarantee of long service life of the engine, maintenance of its technical conditions
at the “like­new” level. It prevents mechanism’s aging. Compression, power, engine efficiency will be kept at the
top level due to the effect of patented formula of atomic revitalizant included into the composition of XADO Atomic Oil.  
Having the revitalizant as the main component helps XADO oils to increase their functionality to:
•  compensate ongoing parts wear
•  increase engine operation reliability and extend its life span
•  keep the friction surfaces in perfect condition
•  avoid metal loss during break­in and operation

About base and additives.
Usually consumers distinguish oil according to the type of its base. The world’s best base oil is used during the production of XADO oils:
•  refined mineral;
•  semi-synthetic based on the hydrocracking synthesis technology;
•  synthetic based on synthetic hydrocarbons (polyalfaoleofines) and esters.
XADO synthetic oils are of the highest quality (level of performance properties).
An obligatory component of the oil is a package of additives which improves the base oil properties. XADO
oils production uses the most up­to­date additives of the leading manufactures Lubrizol, Oronite, Infineum.
Combining the best base oils with exclusive additives packages allows XADO to produce the best motor and
transmission oils. But it’s the atomic revitalizant that makes XADO oils unsurpassed.

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