Wrightway Studios - Restoration Artists

By: Wrightway Studios  06-Dec-2011

Our multi-national team of specialist artists is able to undertake the cleaning, repair and/or restoration of:

  • fine china, porcelain and other ceramics
  • glass and crystal
  • marble, alabaster and other stonework
  • resin and wax objects
  • work and paper maché
  • molded picture frames
  • metal objects
  • ivory and jade
  • oil paintings and water colours
  • and much more..

What is Possible?

Almost any damaged object can be restored to its former appearance if sufficient time and effort can be expended upon it.

However, restoration work is very time consuming because it requires great skill and patience to achieve the right results.

Some objects, on the other hand, do not require such intensive treatment. When clients bring us their broken treasures, we usually prepare a no-obligation quote offering them two alternatives.


This is the more economical treatment. It means cleaning the object - removing any earlier repair if necessary - reassembly, filling gaps, and minor artwork only. On a shelf or in a cabinet, the object will look acceptable, but evidence of repair is visible on close examination.

NOTE: This is usually as far as work on damaged crystal and clear glasswork can be taken.


This is the more expensive treatment. It involves all of the above except that filling and artwork are meticulously done so that, even under close examination, the object will appear to be unchanged.

This approach is usually desired for precious or significant objects where aesthetic beauty is demanded.

Please Note

Much skill, patience and time are required to achieve the best results. Changes in the weather, fragility of materials and the amount of artwork can affect the pace of some processes.

Thus, it is generally not possible to guarantee a finish date although every effort is made to ensure as quick completion as is consistent with the quality expected.

Terms of Business

1. Our free, no obligation quotations are valid for 14 days unless confirmation is required from an insurance company.

2. Upon confirmation of a quotation, a 50% part payment or your insurance excess is normally required before any work can commence, the balance being payable upon satisfactory completion.

3. Because quality repairs and restoration can be painstakingly slow, it is possible to give only an estimate of time when items will be ready.

4. All items we send out of Auckland normally attract a freight charge of $15.00 for the North Island and $25.00 for the South Island, which includes packing and handling.

5. We reserve the right, after due notice, to dispose of any unconfirmed items not collected within three months.

6. We also reserve the right, after due notice, to dispose of any completed items which are not collected six months after notification.

7. All items are deposited with the understanding that, although all care is taken in their treatment, it is impossible to guarantee that they will respond favorably. Extreme care is taken with glass and crystal, however, because of their fragile and unpredictable nature we are unable to guarantee further prevention of stress damage.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011