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By: World Wide Parking Group  06-Dec-2011
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Our Methodology (World-class Technology)

The technology being offered is a refinement of well tried multi-storey, precast concrete technology. It has been updated by incorporating patented seismic connections and foundation systems, new concrete mix designs, reinforcement and casting techniques and rationalisation of component sizes to maximise efficiencies in cost and planning.

The system uses standardised precast concrete structural components that are assembled without the need for poured or welded connections, utilising patented reinforcement and connections. Innovation in the design of services, structural framework, fixtures, fittings and equipment, makes it possible to achieve rapid construction.

In general, the most economical use of the system will be on sites which justify a carpark structure of up to six levels above grade.

The benefit of selecting a Worldwide Parking Group system structure for site owners is a solid concrete building, erected quickly and quietly, that can be designed, ordered, erected and commissioned within a short time frame, compared to the traditional method of a lengthy design and tendering sequence that is then followed by an extended noisy on-site construction period.

The basic structure utilises two design alternatives, a split floor system connected by internal ramps that form part of the circulation system which is simple to navigate and offers a high stud for the retail area in the frontage, and a flat floor system served by external ramps. In each system the internal circulation is designed so that all traffic flows in the one direction whether entering or exiting the building. A number of variations and combinations are possible within these two systems.

System Advantages

The Worldwide Parking Group system is mature, completely detailed and there is no need to re-invent a structure for each new project. This offers the following advantages:

Speed of response

The design of the building is represented in a complete 3-dimensional model, that allows exploration of a variety of options for the building very quickly. The 3-dimensional graphics are used as a design tool to find the solution that is best suited to your needs.

Design versatility

While the core of the system is standardised, there is no limit to the enhancements that can be added such as cladding systems for weather protection and screening, or to the planning layouts to allow external ramping for flat floor structures.

Rapid application for Building Consent

Documentation and final pricing of the basic building model can be finalised in a few weeks for submission for Building Consent. Calculations, peer reviews, and previous history are available to speed up the consent process.

Quiet erection and a clean site

The site remains clean and tidy as there are no wet trades and noise is kept to a minimum. This is a major advantage when the work has to take place in busy urban and institutional surroundings.

More car spaces

The floors have no columns that intrude into the carparks and aisles, so more cars can be accommodated in a given footprint, with greater ease of use and less potential for damage for customers.

Open appearance

The large spans and generous floor to ceiling height result in an open, user-friendly interior without a forest of columns. The columns are on a 10.4m by 16.8m grid, compared to typical steel structures that would have columns on a 8.5m by 7.6m grid, together with braces or shear walls that would further intrude into the space.


There is no exposed structural steel to rust. Concrete is high strength, high performance to prevent corrosion to reinforcement.

Speed of construction

A typical basic structure could be assembled on site in 4 months with a prior lead time of only 4 months to manufacture precast components. This results in occupation sooner than conventiional construction.

Staged hand over

Structures are assembled in vertical bays with each 16.8 metre module being assembled full height before moving on to the next, allowing a significant part of the building to be handed over ahead of full completion in some instances if required.


Apart from the advantages of early occupation due to short lead times and construction, the system is generally more economical than purpose made cast in place construction and many steel structures.

Future Proofing

The parking structure can be as permanent as the client needs it to be. The standard components with demountable connections mean that at any given point in the future, the structure could be dismantled and removed to storage or re-erected on another site.

Keywords: Floor