Allegations of Poor Performance or Misconduct

By: Workplace Law  06-Dec-2011

I represent employers who wish to address an employee’s poor performance or misconduct. I advise the employer of the most appropriate process and, if requested, I can assist the employer to convey its concerns to the employee and/or represent the employer at a meeting to discuss the concerns or allegations. I advise what options are open in terms of disciplinary action and I can assist to convey and implement any disciplinary action, for example warnings or dismissal.

I represent employees who are facing allegations that their performance is substandard, or that they have committed some act of misconduct or serious misconduct. First I will ask the employee, what outcome they most desire – for example whether they want to refute the allegations with a view to preserving their job, or respond to the allegations with a view to negotiating the best exit package. If requested, I can convey to the employer any flaws in the procedure or lack of substance to the allegations. I represent the employee at any investigatory or disciplinary meetings, ensuring that all relevant arguments and evidence have been put forward on their behalf.

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