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By: Wisanow  06-Dec-2011

Glass Manicure and Pedicure Files - Exquisite Files, Jewelled with Swarovski Crystals

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Superior quality, glass with crystal manicure and pedicure files.

The main features of these files are…

* Hygienic- glass files do not absorb moisture; they can be easily cleaned and sterilized. This is     particularly important for professional use.

* Durability- will not break during every day use.

* Longevity- the abrasive surface has a lifelong guarantee. This is due to a patented technology using ion exchange.

* Safety- ends of the glass file have been polished by hand, to prevent cutting.

* Functional- a professional tool to manicure, pedicure, and remove hard skin. A personal gift, souvenir   from a trip, a promotional item or corporate gift.

Background of the files- The Importers of Ice File, Deb and Nick explain:

The manufacturing company of our glass files, has been creating glass files for more than 10 years, and is founded by a person with more than 30 years experience. During this time he worked with talented engineers and has been constantly improving the process.

They have devoted huge attention to the quality of their products, since the process is mainly handwork; quality is controlled at every stage: producing, decorating and packing.

The Czech Republic is proud of its history in the creation of glass and crystal products. Austria is also extremely proud to produce the exquisite “Swarovski Crystals” for the files.

The idea for this was founded and patented more than 50 years ago. Due to the modern process based on different technologies, the final result is a high quality glass file which is unique. The engineer who improved production technology through this time works for this manufacturer. Therefore this company is able to guarantee the quality of the product. They observe the quality standards of the European Union, and all products are certified by the Czech Republic quality certification.

There are several stages in the production of a crystal and glass nail file…The creation of the glass alloy, glass hardening, cutting a traditional glass nail files form, creating the polished surface, dressing the nail files end, colouring and decoration.

Testimonial:Thank you Nick and Deb for introducing us to the most fantastic files in the world!
Not only are they beautiful, but are fabulous to use. Our Day Spa Therapists are really enjoying using them in treatments, and many clients walk away with their very own IceFile after having their Therapist use them, seeing how efficient and easy to work with they are.
We lov
e IceFiles – what more can we say.
Donna Brear
Co-ordinator - The Lost Spring
Why it is so special?…

Only Czech glass is able to guarantee elasticity and firmness at the same time, preventing breakage.

Quality…This is the main aim. All the characteristics above are tried and true.

There is “A Lifetime Guarantee” on the abrasive surface of the crystal nail file, which will never wear off! When it is properly used these glass nail files will replace all other nail files.

The glass file is impermeable, and can be easily sterilized, to prevent infections or fungus spreading. These features are particularly important for professionals who use them in day spas and beauty salons every day.

This is an advanced and advancing industry, continuously developing and setting higher standards and expectations.

The Range of Ice Files offered here on wisanow includes:

  • Medium Crystal File
  • Medium Crystal File in a Hard Case
  • Long Crystal File with Jandal Crystals
  • Pedicure Paddle
$4.00 delivery charge applies in NZ
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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