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By: Winstone Aggregates  06-Dec-2011

Winstone Aggregates is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer and distributor of aggregates to the roading industry.

Sealing Chip

A range of high quality sealing chip from Grade 2 to Grade 6 is produced to meet NZTA specifications.


Products: CTB, TNZ40, GAPs

Winstone Aggregates produces NZTA compliant basecourse for use on state highways and other heavily trafficked areas. General-purpose GAP products are also available.

Sub-Basecourse 65mm – 100mm

For controlled hard-fill, sub-basecourses that meet local and national specifications are available.

Sub-Grade Improvement

Improve natural foundations with a variety of sub-grade fill aggregate including All Passing 100mm.

Other products and services from Winstone Aggregates


Drainage | Winstone Aggregates

Manufactured and natural aggregates are produced from scoria, sand and crushed metal for specified and non-specified drainage and filter applications. Crusher fines and PAPs are produced for pipe bedding application. Winstone Aggregates adheres to strict quality control standards. Soakage trenches and general drainage applications. Scoria SAP 7 – SAP 50.


Erosion Control | Winstone Aggregates

Gaps between the large grade rocks trap and slow the flow of water, reducing its erosion ability. Rip Rap absorbs and deflects the impact of waves before they reach the structure they protect. Protects coastlines and structures from water erosion withlarge grade rock. Rip Rap is available in a range of sizes.


Sand & Pumice | Winstone Aggregates

Winstone Aggregates produces a variety of sands for horse arenas, golf courses, landscaping, drainage applications, and concrete and mortar manufacture. For concrete production, a variety of manufactured, alluvial and marine sands that meet national specification standards are available. F2 Filter Sand (sand mixed with 20mm crushed aggregate) is produced for drainage application.


Products | Winstone Aggregates

Data retrieved from 50 years of geological information and site research means that Winstone Aggregates can forecast and schedule supply in excess of 30 years. We are able to test and monitor product so that any significant variances are addressed within 24 hours. Current figures show that the demand for aggregate equates to eight tonnes for every person annually. We are constantly challenged to minimise variances in product.


Cement Treated Basecourse | Winstone Aggregates

Laboratory testing using repeated load triaxial testing equipment has found that low dosages of cement added to basecourse significantly improves the moisture resistance and stiffness resulting in greater resistance to deformation when wet. Plant stabilising improves the accuracy of the production process allowing for a greater controlled and consistent finished product.


Concrete & Asphalt Aggregates | Winstone Aggregates

From uniformly graded coarse aggregates through to a variety of manufactured, alluvial and marine sands, all products are produced to meet national concrete aggregate specifications. Winstone Aggregates produces a range of coarse and fine aggregates that meet specification for use in asphalt manufacture. Winstone Aggregates produces a range concreteand asphalt aggregates. For concrete requiring good strength and stiffness.