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By: Wicker Software  05-Apr-2012

Our work history consists of a combination of system and mobile development. Examples are described below.

nakedbus.com® booking system and eWaybill mobile application

NakedDriver, being the name given to the mobile application as used by the drivers, is one part of the eWaybill solution.
The other part is a set of REST based services that consume and output booking data in the JSON format.

As a large area of New Zealand is out of coverage outgoing messages from NakedDriver are queued until such time that a network is available.

During a bus journey the GPS locations are stored are sent back to a central server.
This gives nakedbus.com® the ability to track the progress of a bus at any time and well as being able to perform analysis of the published timetables against the actual timings.

Screenshots of the nakedbus.com® online booking system

Screenshots of the nakedbus.com® eWaybill

CPL Online

In 2010, Wicker Software developed CounterpartyLink's CPL Online product, which is an information system that provides instant online access to CounterpartyLink's entity data by subscription.

Screenshot from CPL Online

iPhone screenshots



We have developed a number of Flex desk top applications via the use of Adobe AIR run time environment.


The DIFX application was based around the delivery of financial based data that was extracted from external data feeds.

Image Annotator

This application was used by a data cleansing / verification agency based in London in the UK.
Via the application the company is able to provide annotated screen shots with areas of interest highlighted along with the associated annotated text descriptions.

Calypso Desktop

The company form whom this application was delivered, required that they be able to deliver a number of applications via a virtual desktop.
Once again this application was developed in Adobe Flex using the AIR run time.
The user applications themselves were delivered into the desktop from a central server depending upon the user rights of the logged on party.

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While Apple has a strict quality standard, there are only early signs of estabilishing quality standards for Android device OEMs, such as making updates to the OS available for their devices. According to The NPD Group, Android continues the dominance of U.S. smartphone market share it established in 2010, accounting for 52 percent of units sold in the second quarter of 2011.


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Version 2 adds the ability to bookmark webcams, swipe to change webcam, a map and weather report in the camera's location, and a list of recently added cameras. Nov - KiwiCam for the iPad is now the most popular free application for the iPad in the New Zealand AppStore. 29 Oct 2010 - KiwiCam now has live web cameras for the first time. We've added live cameras showing Mount Taranaki.


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