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By: Wicker Software  05-Apr-2012

Consumers are increasingly saturated with media and advertising so wouldn’t it be great if you could send messages to consumers who actively want to receive and understand them?

Television audiences have been in slow decline since the early 1980’s, the internet is growing at a rate we can’t possibly begin to consume it at and children can’t imagine a world without mobile technologies. The traditional relationships between business’ and consumers’ are changing daily and consumer’s are now defining marketplaces and prescribing to business’ how they want their products, services and information – and they want it anywhere, anytime.

In 2007 Yankee Group, USA, announced the emergence of the new Anywhere Consumer™ group in the device and service market. Within the Anywhere Consumer™ group, Yankee identified a range of segments from the ‘Analogs’ who are not interested in the latest technology, through to the ‘Actualised Anywheres’ who demand the latest devices, constant connectivity and a wire free existence.

While Actualised Anywheres only make up 25 percent of this market they have an increasing influence over the behaviours of other segments in their adoption of, and demand, for new technology. The mobile device and app battles are won or lost by the acceptance or rejection of new devices and apps by Actualised Anywheres.

Identifying and understanding your Actualised Anywheres segment and including a mobile marketing strategy to target them will allow your messages to break through the noise of traditional media and promotional methods. Over the next few years the Actualised Anywheres segment will be the driving force behind mobile device and app development. This segment have the income and desire to purchase products and services that give them greater freedoms, while allowing them to stay connected to their world.

Providing your Anywhere Consumer™ with a needs based mobile solution for your products and services, allows your business to more readily communicate with consumers and influence their brand preference and purchasing behaviour . Mobile marketing needs to be a complimentary component of your business' marketing plan to ensure you retain the loyalty of your current consumers who are becoming increasingly mobile, and capture the influential Actualised Anywheres consumers.

When thinking about your next mobile app follow WickerSoftware's Top Tips to ensure your mobile app works for your consumers, and your business.

Help your consumers achieve their goals
Nothing is more frustrating to consumers than an app that claims to solve a problem only to redirect a user at the end to a telephone number, alternative web page or local store. Ensure your app will achieve a goal for your users as this will improve their loyalty and attitude towards your business and brand.

Make a splash before you launch
A ‘splash page’ is initially a website that allows potential users of your mobile app to register their interest in your upcoming app and be kept abreast of development and launch information. The splash page after the launch should become the website and support centre for your mobile app.

Keeping it personal
Mobile devices are an extremely personal item to consumers still so it is important you take the time to ensure any targeted messages from apps are respectful, appropriate, professional and timely.

The best things in life are free (or at least low cost)
Nielsen Wire research has shown that 63 percent of mobile app users ranked that ‘free or low subscription rates’ to video apps was the most important factor to them when selecting one. Provide great value to your consumer by allowing them to interact positively with your business for a minimal price through a mobile app.

No one likes a hungry app
Consumers will become increasingly dissatisfied with your business if your mobile app interferes with the ability for them to live a wire free life. Ensure your app doesn’t consume an unexpectedly high amount of battery life or data.

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