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By: Why LifePath is No.1, find out from a member of Team Awakening Leadership team  12-Oct-2008
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It was the combination of a flimsy product and an increasingly poor reputation that brought Liberty League International to its knees. But the direct sales marketing world has a lot to thank Liberty League International for; those hundreds of top Internet Marketers that gained their experience through the organization. But now it seems that Liberty League International has reached the end of it’s viability. The poor product – basically a hastily thrown-together personal development package created with no thought of the product’s value in its own right, but just to be part of the compensation plan – has led primarily to its downfall. Many unsuccessful entrepreneurs found it easy to blame the Beyond Freedom course for their failures (even though hundreds of people had managed to be successful using it as a base) and some of these entrepreneurs were very vocal in the dissent. Competitors also found it easy to criticize the company and the Internet today has many examples of where genuine complaints are being voiced by disgruntled people (and where non-genuine sabotage is being perpetrated by competitors). Companies like LifePath Unlimited have successfully learned from the mistakes of others and it is companies like this that really are leading the way forward.

Liberty League International has been well known – for good and for bad – in the direct sales industry. Being one of the most successful top-tier direct sales organizations in the mid 2000’s, Liberty League International forged the way forward for other companies. Being a trail blazer in this way meant that others were able to learn from their mistakes and this is why others should be thankful to this initial innovator for the opportunities that it provided. If you search the web today for Liberty League International it would be easy to come to the quick conclusion that the whole setup was simply a scam. This is not the case at all and the founders clearly had good intentions from the start. Disgruntled entrepreneurs (and some disgruntled competitors) have helped to propagate the ill-feeling towards this organization that started off so very well. Ironically one of the next generation of organizations whose arrival is the beginning of the decline for Liberty League International has been the one that has learned the most from its successes: LifePath Unlimited. Lifepath Unlimited is an exceptional personal development company that is forging new territory in the direct sales home based business industry. Their products features outstanding teachers, mentors and coaches in the personal development, prosperity arena. For a complete review of this company go to citizencorps.com.

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