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on August 1st, 2011


Natural Health Products Bill

The government has called for submissions on the Natural Health Products Bill. Submissions are due by February 24. It is very important for the future of the health options for New Zealanders that as many people as possible make a submission on this bill. 


The Natural Health Products Bill was developed following an agreement between the National Party and the Green Party as an alternative to NZ natural health products being regulated under a joint Australia-NZ therapeutic products agency – as had been the preference of the previous Labour-led government.

In its present form, the Natural Health Products Bill has serious omissions and without significant changes the bill could potentially have devastating effects on New Zealanders health choices and the natural health industry.

It is imperative that submissions are made to the government to remedy the deficiencies in the bill and direct the government to implement the  proposals  developed earlier in the “Natural and Traditional Health Products Bill”

Making a submission

Please make a written submissionon this issue.  The more people who make a submission the more chance of a positive governmental response.


Put your name, address and contact details on a cover sheet that accompanies your submission, rather than on the submission it itself, otherwise your name, contact details etc may be posted on the parliamentary website along with your submission.  As a submission is a public document, please consider privacy issues when writing it.

The address to post your submission is:


Health Select Committee

Select Committee Office

Parliament Buildings


JULY 2011

5 months since the February quakes and the lives of our Canterbrian friends and family continue to be fraught and uncertain.  Over a thousand bottles of the well & truly blends Light Heart and SOS have been distributed alongside the  Flower Essence Society’s (FES) donated shipment  of Flourish Formula’s….

Now, what?

People have adjusted to the drastic changes and may have  overcome the the initial shock and impact, but for so many, life will never be the same. It is an absolutely horrendous situation and a different type of stress now prevails. It seems a new blend encompassing aspects of several of the blends used these last months is now required to assist the current situation.

This is the next phase of our “Flower Essences for Christchurch” project.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors

Hancocks Wines & Spirits  supplied the brandy  used in the blends that were sent and are preparing to send.

PDQ Print printed up the information cards that were given out with the blends

The Flower Essence Society in North America provided all the stock essences used in the blends as well as their Flourish Formulas

We have willing helpers to make, pack and distribute the blends, but we need sponsorship to pay for the bottles we have used already and to buy more for this next phase. We also need funds for postage and freight as people needing these essences are spread nationwide.

If you or anyone you know, wishes to support this project, your donation will be hugely helpful and enable more essences to get to the areas and people that really need them.

Donations may be made to our Quake Relief A/c:-

to National Bank: well & truly  Quake relief a/c  06 0177 0180211 30

Or cheque posted to well & truly, Quake Relief Donation, 183 Jervois Rd, Auckland

If you are in Christchurch and wish to use and dispense essence blends please contact us.


March 17 2011


Today a donated shipment of The Flower Essence Society’s Flourish Formula’s arrived in NZ for the people affected by the quake in Christchurch.

When disasters occur, there is little time or opportunity to make individual flower essence combinations for the large number of people affected by such events. The Flower Essence Society is an international network and co-operative who have reached out to people in their time of need through donations of flower essence formulas during times of crisis. Their Flourish Flower Essence formulas were developed in times of disaster and have helped thousands of people overcome trauma, regain strength, rebuild and recover through disasters such as Rwanda, Cyclone Katrina, Haiti and Sichuan earthquakes. They have now donated Flourish Formulas for people in need in Christchurch.

If you are suffering the impact of this event and would like one of the following blends sent to you please contact us we are very pleased to be able to distribute these wonderful blends on behalf of The Flower Essence Society. Please check back here regularly we will update you with where these are being distributed from.

Fear Less  for composure and containment when challenged by fear anxiety and panic

Illumine - Allowing the light of understanding to transform discouragement and depression

Magenta Self healer - Magenta blossoms to encourage self healing potential and physical vitality

Animal Relief Formula - Calming and comforting for animals in transition or trauma


March 2011

For those who experienced the earthquake firsthand, our hearts go out to you, we feel for you and want to help.

Flower essences  help us access inner strength, overcome fear, process grief, calm and soothe frayed nerves and  anxiety.  Anyone who wants flower essences for emotional support please contact us. We will do our utmost to ensure you get the appropriate essence blend.

We have donated  SOS & Light Heart blends to the Emergency Relief therapists who are working at the Relief Centres, for those in crisis the essences can be accessed there.

We have limited resources,  we need sponsors so we can continue to send as many blends as needed  to the Relief Centres.

We need sponsorship/donations

More blends are being requested and are needed in Christchurch and around the country.

on August 1st, 2011

Fundraising Raffles for NZCH Quake Relief FundCreators of the world’s leading Homeopathic Software Programs

Winner  may choose between

The Classic Package:

  MacRepertory & Referenceworks Classic with Core III Libraries

MacRepertory Core library has 6 Repertories & 34 Materia Medica

ReferenceWorks Core library has 330 Materia Medicas, journals & provings   Value US$2200


MacRepertory 8 Professional with Core III Library  Value US$1900

Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25

Tickets may be purchased directly here please fill out the below form

Payment may then be made by:-  Cheque and posted to well & truly, 183 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay Auckland

Online, to Quake Relief Fund  06 0177 0180211 30


All funds raised from both raffles will go directly to the

New Zealand Council of Homeopaths Quake Relief Fund


$300 Book Voucher

from The NZ Homeopathic Society

Stockists of the most comprehensive selection of homeopathic books in Australasia

Tickets $4 each or 3 for $10

The Homeopathic Society is a wonderful resource  and organisation

devoted to promoting and supporting the use of Homeopathy in NZ

Raffle tickets for Tickets may be purchased directly here please fill out the below form

Payment may then be made by cheque and posted to NZ Homeopathic Society, PO Box 67 095, Mt Eden Auckland

Or deposited directly or online, to Quake Relief Fund  06 0177 0180211 30

on January 29th, 2011

on October 24th, 2010

Dr Samir Chaukkar MD


Pediatric traits in Homeopathy

Saturday November 20th 9.30 – 5.00

At NZ Homeopathic Society

Dr Chaukkar has a wealth of medical and homeopathic experience spanning two decades in both India and Canada. He is visiting NZ in November and has kindly offered to share some of his insights and experience with us. Dr Chaukkar was Professor in Pediatrics at the Medical College and Hospital in New Bombay for 15 years.

Dr Chaukkar will discuss various remedies commonly used in  Pediatric practise along with clinical tips and specifics. He will differentiate various pediatric remedies and share some of his observations in working with children and parents in the clinic.

Dr Chaukkar has presented many seminars and papers around the globe and also he also has a special interest in working with Addictions and Auto Immune disease. He will be be presenting  a seminar on one of those topics next November 2011.

Due to the space at the Society,  numbers will be limited to 40 so register your interest at the earliest possible convenience to ensure a place if wishing to attend.

Fee is $75 for the day or $65 early bird discount if payment received by 7th November.

Payment may be made by cheque, online or directly to NZ Homeopathic Society Inc

Cheque payments: Please post to NZ Homoeopathic Society Inc, Box 67-095, Mt Eden, Auckland 1349, along with your name and contact details

Online payments:  To: NZ Homeopathic Society Inc, into ASB Bank, A/c No. 12 3114 0057447 02

on October 11th, 2010

by Alicia Lee

A new and innovative way to view homeopathic remedy pictures.

In three volumes Alicia  has given us three of the most beautifully presented, well researched and easy to access books containing over 340 mind maps and differential charts of animal, mineral and plant remedies. These mind maps provide a wealth of remedy information and enable us to really feel and understand the essence of each remedy.

All 3 books are available now, Plant Mindmaps $120 Animal Mindmaps $85 Mineral Mind Maps $75, postage is extra

on September 14th, 2010


Kent Homeopathic Associates are offering a special promotional discount for NZ Homeopaths and Students.

This promotion is on all new packages and any existing software upgrades to MacRepertory Pro 8

The revolutionary software programs, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, have transformed the way homeopathy is practiced around the world.   

MACREPERTORY is designed for all homeopaths, regardless of the level of proficiency or style of practice. MacRepertory is a repertorization tool. It makes it easy to quickly select rubrics, analyze a case and check the materia medica to feel confident about your prescription.

New package prices below.

• Easy collecting of potential remedies and families into the Elimination tool

Prescribe More Successfully

The most dramatic way to improve your prescribing is by using family relationships – whether they be Hahnemann’s miasms, Scholten’s approach to the periodic table or taxonomy. This version of MacRepertory is the cutting edge of family analysis with more than 150 beautifully illustrated graphs right at your fingertips. There are new family graphs from Rajan Sankaran, Massimo Mangialavori, Jan Scholten and others: everything from the latest genetic plant mapping, Rajan’s most recent ideas of the periodic table, to Massimo’s classification of the different responses to pain, and his stages of development. Every window now supports  working more creatively with families; easily see only the sycotic, animal, or Solanaceae remedies, etc.

Family Search a fantastic feature in MacRepertory Pro 8.
Why study large families and not specific remedies? Because there is no way we can remember 3,000 remedies. It is much easier to study the main themes of a family of remedies, than to study each remedy separately. When you recognize the main subjects & themes that pop-up in your case you can easily attribute it to a certain family you are already familiar with (and eliminate all the rest!). Now you need only to find which remedy belongs to this case from this family! It makes our prescription easier and much more accurate! MacRepertory family search is unique in its quality of work. MacRepertory’s family tools enabled Rajan Sankaran to discover the common characteristics of the families he describes. A couple of clicks and you can discover the rubrics common to a family. As Rajan Sankaran has said, “These programs have tremendous potential… a revolution! They have been invaluable for me in my research on plant families, besides their daily use in my clinic.”
Hahnemann was one of the first to recognize that remedies could be separated into groups (in his case, miasms) to help focus prescribing. MacRepertory extends this concept to 1800 groups of remedies: from miasms to natural kingdoms and from Vega’s Boxes to Massimo’s Families. With a click you can focus your analysis only  on the groups of remedies that make sense for your patient: e.g. the syphilitic remedies, snakes, sunflowers or natrums, etc. MacRepertory includes over 150 specific family graphs that illuminate the families in order to inspire you to prescribe at your best.

Learn More
When you need to understand the themes of a family, just double click, discover more than 400 informational sub-graphs and pdfs: the sensations of Rajan’s plant families, the keys to Bentley’s miasms’, the themes of Massimo’s groups, Jan’s descriptions of the elements of the periodic table and much more. Many of them contain material that you simply won’t find anywhere else. And, when you need to know about the substance you’re prescribing, we’ve included 1300 pdf’s with interesting facts, descriptions and pictures of the sources of the remedies.

REFERENCE WORKS  4 starts with the world’s richest homeopathic library, from old, rare books, journal articles to cured cases and the newest provings. Two thousand remedy substance descriptions with pictures, movies, natural history and proving information. And you aren’t limited to what we’ve collected, you can add your own class & seminar notes and cured cases. They are then displayed and searched along with the masters.

You can browse the huge library of more than 800 volumes of material medica, provings and journals to find words, phrases, do analysis based on the searches, and read the full materia medica for each reference.

ReferenceWorks uses the materia medica directly to find a patient’s remedy. You simply type in each symptom, ReferenceWorks collects every reference and creates a graph of the result. The remedies are scored based on the importance each author gave to them, how many authors suggested the remedy for the symptom and how rare the remedy is. You can even fine tune the results by selectively emphasizing the books you value the most. You don’t have to stop with describing one symptom. You can describe several symptoms at a time and create a bar graph of the results.

ReferenceWorks searches the Internet directly for natural history, herbalism, side-effects, definitions and pictures. This isn’t just some random search; we focus your searches on over 2,000 of the best peer reviewed sites on the ‘net.

Analyze With The Masters  As you search for symptoms you create ‘rubrics’ that can then be analyzed just as though they came from a repertory! Actually… better than from the repertory, since these rubrics are a distillation from the whole library and are typically three to ten times more complete. For example, you’ll find 62 remedies in ReferenceWorks for ‘fear of dogs’ while Kent’s Repertory only knows of 6. This means you will be 10 times more likely to find the right remedy!

Promoting Strong Family Values –The  programs are designed so that anywhere you can display individual remedies, you can also display the family groups. You can focus most windows on a particular family; for example, you can limit the materia medica books in ReferenceWorks to only display the insect remedies or limit a search to syphilitic remedies that have a fear of death.

Mapping The World – We  have created a hundred beautiful graphs to illuminate the families. There are a wide range of miasm, mineral, bacteria, fungi, plant and animal graphs. The graphs have three uses: first, to map out the kingdoms parts; second, to show how prominent the family is in the current case; and finally, by clicking on the family to help you to focus the remedy analysis on just its members.

ReferenceWorks Classic

ReferenceWorks Classic is ideal for those who want a basic information tool without the advanced searching and analysis tools that ReferenceWorks Pro offers. Its easy-to-use interface and searching capabilities let you find information in the language and format that makes sense to you. You can quickly expand or narrow your searches within remedies, books and sections and use a bar graph to illustrate the results of your search. Create rubrics of your ReferenceWorks searches and export to MacRepertory to include in case analysis.

Choose Your Reference Works Library and compare the differences between Reference Works Classic and Professional

• 334 volumes from the golden age of homeopathy, 1825-1933            
• 59 Journals and extractions from nine repertories
• Information from hundreds of provings
• 41,000 remedy descriptions
• Nearly 19 million words  

Full Library G3

• Well over 850 volumes
• Extractions from 10 repertories
• 10,000 articles from 116 journals
• Information from 3,500 provings
• 80 collections of cured cases
• Over 70,000 remedy descriptions

New Package Special promotional price

for week of Jan Scholten seminar September 24 – 30 2010

Please note prices in $US

MacRepertory 8 Classic with the MR Core III Library
VanZandvoort’s Complete Classics Repertory
ReferenceWorks 4 Classic with the RW Core 3 Library


 Graduate Package Web special $2954  NZ Special $2210

MacRepertory 8 Professional with the MR Core III Library
VanZandvoort’s Complete Classics Repertory
ReferenceWorks 4 Classic with the Full Library G3


Professional Package VI  Web special $3274 NZ Special $2450

MacRepertory 8 Professional with the MR Core III Library
VanZandvoort’s Complete Classics Repertory
ReferenceWorks 4 Professional with the Full Library G3


Super Pro Package VI   Web special $4188  NZ Special  $3133

MacRepertory 8 Professional with the MR Full Library
ReferenceWorks 4 Professional with the Full Library G3


  Repertorise now Pay over time! With a valid credit card you can purchase any of our programs and pay over 12 months. You can also make a down payment to reduce the monthly charges, if you like, and/or pay in fewer instalments. There is a flat fee of 5% on the instalment portion (a minimum of US$50) which is spread over the monthly payments.

on September 14th, 2010

Dorothy Winston Centre – Auckland Girls’ Grammar School
Friday 17th Sept 7.30 pm

American Cardiologist, Researcher, Lawyer and Author of “Curing the Incurable”- Dr Thomas Levy MD JD is in Auckland for one public appearance only giving a talk on the current contentious issue of Vitamin C – The Facts – The Fiction and The Law. There are very few people who know more about Vitamin C than Dr Levy and given the significant public interest Dr Levy’s visit could not be more timely!

Dr Levy will discuss why vitamin C should be part of routine therapy for any infectious disease or toxin exposure in hospitals, not just those cases that are life-threatening, and how this supplement is remarkably free of any side effects. He will expose how reporting about how vitamin C negatively impacts on kidney health is mythical and totally without the support of scientific evidence.

Dr Levy will present the evidence that clearly reveals: How vitamin C has been able to cure or contribute to the cure of many common infectious diseases, including some deemed incurable such as hepatitis and polio; How vitamin C can effectively neutralize and cure a wide variety of life-threatening toxin exposures for which no effective treatments presently exist, including but not limited to poisonous snakebites, heavy metals, pesticides, and event the toxicity of radiation exposure… as long as vitamin C is administered in the right form with the proper technique in frequent and high enough doses along with certain additional agents, and for a long enough period of time, Dr Levy maintains.

The Cardiologist also discusses that you should have a legal right to include vitamin C in your hospital-based treatment as 75 years of research and scientific data have proven its effectiveness and safety, regardless of whether your physician is aware of this data or personally “approves” of it.

More research on vitamin C is not needed to start saving many patients lives now, particularly those who would otherwise die or suffer needlessly.

on September 13th, 2010

Next Homeopathic Society talk

“Infertility in men and women” 

Guest speaker Leila Joffe

Saturday 1.00 pm – 2.45   November 13th
Homeopathic Society Bookroom 320 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden

Special attention will be given to Infertility in women and men alike  with the use of cases to highlight the treatment given

Fertility, Birth, Growth, Decline and Death are all parts of the “cycle of life” and are in balance with each other. Each person’s vitality reflects his /her relationship to this cycle. Leila will discuss  how Homeopathy can play an integral part in addressing all aspects of the “cycle of life” and look at key remedies that support and integrate these aspects. We will also look at what maladies present themselves today, in relation to this cycle and what substances/ remedies we use for healing.

Leila Joffe has over 25 years of extensive experience as a teacher, trainer and therapist for adults and children in various education and health contexts both in New Zealand and internationally. Leila’s career in Homeopathy started in 1987, she studied at the School of Homeopathy in the Netherlands, run by Frans Vermeulen. She completed a postgraduate diploma with Alize Timmerman and another postgraduate course with Jeremy Sherr. She has also studied with Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Leila has also worked with children on the ASD spectrum collaborating with other practitioners who use the biomedical protocols to address this problem. She delivered a paper at the MINDD conference in Auckland, New Zealand in 2007 promoting the use of Homeopathy as a complementary discipline for such children. Together with a colleague, Claudia Routier she ran a Children’s Clinic at the Devonport Community Centre making Homeopathy available to the wider public. Their innovative way of running a children’s clinic has inspired the establishment of other such clinics in different parts of New Zealand.

Leila has been a tutor at the Wellington College of Homeopathy for the past four years and is passionate about teaching and her students.

The bookroom will be open from 12.30 – 3.30 members are welcome to browse books and use the library service before and after Leila’s talk.

on August 17th, 2010

Frans Vermuellen & Linda Johnston

Present The Plant Kingdom

November 4 – 6 Auckland

Their presentation will include the trio of plant families below:

Inner Dynamics : A Remedy’s Perspective – Troublesome  Twosomes

Parasitic Plants: Unequal Partners (Mistletoes and other parasitic plants in the homeopathic literature)

Aroids: Sex and Silence (Arum triphyllum and other Arums, Caladium, Ictodes, Calla Lily, and others)

Malvaceae: The Chocolate Bond  (Malva, Chocolate, Kola, Gossypium, and other plants linked with Oxytocin and bonding).


Jan Scholten – Unitec – Auckland
September 24 – 26, 2010
Stages and Synchronicity

Jan Scholten is one of the most well known and innovative homoeopaths in the world
today and is an internationally respected homoeopathic author and lecturer.
Jan is familiar to us in New Zealand, this being his 5th visit to our shores to share with us
his latest thoughts and observations.
Jan’s concept of “Group Analysis” first found expression in his book “Minerals”’. This was
followed by the development of “Series and Stages” in “Elements”, which covered the
remainder of the Periodic Table.
Initially challenging and controversial, Jan’s methods have been verified by homoeopaths
from around the world and his books and concepts have become an integral part in our
approach to case taking and analysis.
Jan later published the “Secret Lanthanides”, detailing his understanding of this important
group of elements which have as special qualities, the desire for autonomy and for service.
This twinned desire may stir a deep chord with many homoeopaths and therapists.
This Seminar:
Synchronising plant families with the stages of the periodic system is the next natural step
in the evolution of the homoeopathic method.
The connections between plant families and the mineral kingdom will be discussed.
Gradually a map is emerging of the Plant Kingdom, a map that will make navigation within
the Plant Kingdom clearer.
A better understanding of the Plant Kingdom will be gained by discussions about the
essences of plant families and showing the stages the various plants of a family are in.
The versatility of using these stages with the family theme of any kingdom introduces more
certainty in the selection of the remedy.
Understanding the Stages and Series of the Mineral Kingdom is essential to gaining an
understanding of the Plant Kingdom, as the themes are the same.
Jan will also share his latest understandings of the Minerals and the Lanthanides.
Seminar Details:
Date: 24th September to 26th September 2010
First Day Registration Time: ; 8.00 – 9.00 am
Lecture Times: Start 9.00 am – Finish 5.00 pm. Friday to Sunday

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Health Products, Natural Health Products

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Homeopathic Mind Map Books! | well & truly

In three volumes Alicia has given us three of the most beautifully presented, well researched and easy to access books containing over 340 mind maps and differential charts of animal, mineral and plant remedies. These mind maps provide a wealth of remedy information and enable us to really feel and understand the essence of each remedy. A new and innovative way to view homeopathic remedy pictures.


Flower Essences for Christchurch project

The Flower Essence Society is an international network and co-operative who have reached out to people in their time of need through donations of flower essence formulas during times of crisis. If you or anyone you know, wishes to support this project, your donation will be hugely helpful and enable more essences to get to the areas and people that really need them.