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Free Webinar with the Joshis

The overlap between Animal & Mineral kingdoms

Friday 20 Jan, 2012         ( GMT 2- 4 pm)       Limited Seats

About the Joshis:

Dr. Bhawisha & Dr. Shachindra Joshi are known as the dynamic duo of the Homeopathic world.

The Joshis have made several contributions to recent developments in Homeopathy. Their pioneering work on noble gases, imponderables, nosodes and their recent work on the animal kingdom have earned them international fame. Those who have attended their seminars and lectures vouch for their knowledge and experience and what makes them a favorite couple is their eagerness and enthusiasm to share their knowledge generously. Their  lectures are detailed, their explanation explicit and their style simple.

Vivid examples from their practice along with deep philosophy and simple logical steps in case-taking make their information and their guidelines easily replicable in your practice.

About the Webinar:

  • In the last few years Joshis have done a thorough study of the animals according to the various phylums, suborders, classes and families. They have also compared homeopathic themes in these different categories.
  • They have derived a logical, step by step manner of coming to different animal remedies in cases where the patient does not come to the source.
  • They have devised special techniques like Proactive questioning  and Target questioning to arrive at the exact remedy  needed.
  • They have worked exhaustively with cases that are compensated, hidden,  with inadequate information or non co-operative .
  • With their rich experience they believe that the animal kingdom cases are very much prevalent in the human population as much as minerals and plants .
  • They will share these recent insights during the webinar and also share their views about the overlap between the mineral and animal kingdom.

How to register for the free webinar:

Send the following details

Name,  Address,  Country,  E mail address and i f you have attended Dr. Joshis seminars before , then the location & year.




FEBRUARY 18th & 19th 2012

at South Pacific College of Natural Therapies, 8 Arthur St,  Ellerslie.


F rans Vermeulen & Dr Linda Johnston

Present The Plant Kingdom

   at The Orakei Bay Conference Centre 

231 Orakei Rd, Auckland

  November 4 – 6  9.30 – 4.30 pm


As homeopathy develops new methods of analysis and differential diagnosis, we must become more exacting in our view of families of remedies, most especially the plant family. This seminar will elevate the level of our comprehension and prescribing abilities.

Frans and Linda will present their method  which can be applied to any plant or plant family case analysis.  This knowledge will lead to more precise analysis and remedy differentiation options.

This is not a dry scientific lesson; this seminar is full of materia medica, case studies, case-taking, finding the totality and differential diagnosis.  Also included will be various family themes on the chemical, physiological, mental, emotional levels and examples of how to integrate all of these aspects of the case together into a coherent whole.

Frans strongly feels we need to walk hand-in-hand with current botanical and scientific developments as recent changes and updates have resulted in many plants now being re-defined which has significant relevance if we are working with family groupings and botanical divisions.

Frans & Linda’ have based their books and method on the APG plant categorizing system which considers all aspects of the plant: its growth, genetic structure and chemical composition, to determine which family a plant belongs to, not simply the shape and growth patterns of plants, which is how they were historically categorised.

To simplify working with plant remedies they suggest we start with the family theme first then work down to the individual species which enables us to be very accurate with our specific and individual prescription.

Frans and Linda have, with every plant family, combined info from all sources, proving symptoms, botany, herbology, mythology, the phytochemicals, clinical cases and Materia Medicas. Then they have asked the question – “Where is the conflict here? What are the 2 opposing forces in the theme that are creating the conflict?” Every plant family has this!

We will come away with a newfound sense of clarity and empowerment as practitioners elevating our practice to a whole new level.

Morning and afternoon tea is provided.

For more info: Email  Phone 0800 935 568


Monthly Case management study sessions Auckland with Pratibha Dalvi

The last session for the year  October 31st:

In this last session we will compare  and differentiate between all the possible  Lac remedies.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Homeopaths and students to experience and learn the Sensation method as presented and practised by  Pratibha. Her knowledge, skill and experience inspire all who attend. Pratibha has mentored and taught  practitioners and students for many years and her sessions provide ongoing support, understanding and learning. The sessions are held at The South Pacific College of Natural Therapies at 8 Arthur St, Ellerslie Auckland.

Anyone wishing to expand, learn and utilise their homeopathic skill and knowledge  is welcome to attend.

Session: 9.30 am to 1 pm

Fees: $65 per session for practioners, $15 for yr 4 and interns, Free for 1st, 2nd & 3rd year students.


Homeopathic Mind Maps by Alicia Lee

A new and innovative way to view homeopathic remedy pictures.

In three volumes Alicia  has given us three of the most beautifully presented, well researched and easy to access books containing over 340 mind maps and differential charts of animal, mineral and plant remedies. These mind maps provide a wealth of remedy information and enable us to really feel and understand the essence of each remedy.

Animal and mineral  books available now Animal Mindmaps $85 Mineral Mind Maps $75, postage is extra



February 17 – 20

A four day seminar with ALIZE TIMMERMAN presenting new material

at Lake House Arts Centre Takapuna, Auckland

Starting in 1998, provings and triturations have been made from DNA, Lac humanum feminine, Lac humanum masculine, Folliculinum, Carcinosinum, Amniotic Fluid, Placenta, Oxytocinum, Umbilical cord, Vernix and Menstrual Blood

This journey showed how people can get stuck at various stages of development either physically, psychologically, spiritually or on social levels. Alize helped to develop and research this series of remedies with colleagues from around the world.

These remedies have proven to be of particularly good use in cases of emotional and/or physical trauma. They help to:

  • Restore and heal suppressed memories.
  • Build self worth.
  • Connect us with our universal vitality.
  • Make us remember our unique identity.
  • Reconnect us with our purpose.

Alize Timmerman has achieved excellent results with these substances. These substances not only have the vitality and energy to grow a baby, they can also contain the strength and power to heal serious issues of today, and have been effective with certain forms of cancer. Alize will share some cancer cases as well as some child/family cases where these remedies have proven their effectiveness. Alize will give an overview of these remedies and do differentiations and comparisons with other remedies.
There may be a trituration from a substance connected to this group of remedies. Doing a trituration helps us to better understand the ‘laws’ of healing. Alize is a very practical speaker and gives her students a deep understanding of what ‘curing and healing’ really means. She shows us how we can observe healing and how it takes place. She also explains how to treat chronic diseases and why, giving good information on how and when a patient needs a miasmatic remedy, or when a mineral, plant or animal remedy might be better. The student will learn clarity around when they may need to use more remedies than one to affect a cure.

NOTE: This is a professional level seminar. Alize Timmerman is a gifted teacher, personable, knowledgeable and she makes difficult subjects and concepts easy for anyone to understand.


Sankaran new video course

presented by Pratibha Dalvi

3rd & 4th April 2011   9.00 – 4.30
at South Pacific College of Natural Therapies, 8 Arthur St,  Ellerslie.

A weekend seminar highlighting the Sensation method.

Learn the sensation method step by step from Rajan Sankaran in this video course.
He takes you through cases where he treated at the level of emotion, going deeper to the level of delusion with some success, finally in the same case to the level of Global sensation with miraculous results.

Dr Sankaran has continued working more with this method and in this seminar he shares sure shot ways of getting to level 5 and then to the source of the remedy. He covers cases from each of the three kingdoms; Animal, Plant and Mineral.  Cases of rare remedies like Python, Venus Mercenaria and Lac Humanum will be shown.

Sankaran gives step by step instructions on:-

  • Tracing the patient’s levels right up to the source
  • Navigating through the case to reach deeper levels
  • How to avoid getting lost in the story
  • Identifying which symptoms belong to vital sensation
  • Which symptoms need further exploring to reach the global sensation
  • Reaching the levels 5, 6 and 7
  • Identifying the pitfalls of prescribing in the kingdom and miasm at the wrong levels

Fees:$300 full weekend practitioners – $175 for one day,  $200 full weekend students – $110 for one day

Early bird discount date 1st March 2011 $250 – full   weekend  practitioners $150 – full  weekend  students

Cheques are to be posted to Pratibha Dalvi 1/25 Seaview Rd, Mt Albert Auckland


Dinesh Chauhan seminar

A Wander with a Little Wonder  -  Child-Centric Case Witnessing

at Whitireia Polytechnic in Porirua, Wellington

29 April – 1 May 

The Child: The Purest Form of Energy
Child Energy: A Unique Pattern; Child Disease Energy: A Unique, Altered Pattern
The Journey into Witnessing the Altered Pattern of a Child:

Prerequisites:  Listening: The Essence of all Techniques; Witnessing: The Mother of all Techniques

The Case Witnessing Process: A Child-Centric Approach
Fear: A Window into the inner pattern of a child
Dreams: Royal roads into the child’s subconscious

Unfolding the child’s altered pattern through art like drawing, poetry, singing, story-telling etc
Sense in non-sense through internal witnessing: technique to understand the Vital Sensation and whole altered pattern of  children.

The Womb Connection: Whole new and scientific way of understanding the mothers history during pregnancy.Video cases to demonstrate the techniques and philosophy.


Expressions of interest requested for seminar by Dr Samir Chaukkar MD

From Mumbai, India onThe Scope of Homeopathy in Addictions

4th & 5th June 2011 from 9.00 – 4.00

Dr Chaukkar completed his post graduate degree in Addictions treatment and prevention through the Georgian College in Canada. For the last 10 years he has specialised in treatment of addictions and works within the Kripa Foundation in Mumbai, a non governmental organisation dealing with rehabilitation of chemically dependent people. Dr Chaukkar has a wealth of medical and homeopathic experience spanning two decades in both India, Belgium, Australia and Canada. Dr Chaukkar  presented a smaller version of this seminar in Melbourne last November. It was very well received. In this seminar he will enlighten us on the scope of homeopathy in addiction, sharing  his experiences and approach of  Homeopathy in Addiction Disorders, with lots of case examples. He will:-

  • Compare and differentiate various homeopathic remedies,  group symptoms and key notes
  • Share some clinical tips and specifics in everyday practice.
  • Discuss  angry and anxious remedies – how  to differentiate them
  • Study materia medica through movies and comparing movie characters to materia medica.

Dr Chaukkar has presented many seminars and papers around the globe and his passion and interest is in working with Children, Addictions and Auto Immune diseases.

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Keywords: Homeopathy

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