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By: Well & Truly  05-Apr-2012
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JULY 2011

5 months since the February quakes and the lives of our Canterbrian friends and family continue to be fraught and uncertain.  Over a thousand bottles of the well & truly blends Light Heart and SOS have been distributed alongside the  Flower Essence Society’s (FES) donated shipment  of Flourish Formula’s….

Now, what?

People have adjusted to the drastic changes and may have  overcome the the initial shock and impact, but for so many, life will never be the same. It is an absolutely horrendous situation and a different type of stress now prevails. It seems a new blend encompassing aspects of several of the blends used these last months is now required to assist the current situation.

This is the next phase of our “Flower Essences for Christchurch” project.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors

Hancocks Wines & Spirits  supplied the brandy  used in the blends that were sent and are preparing to send.

PDQ Print printed up the information cards that were given out with the blends

The Flower Essence Society in North America provided all the stock essences used in the blends as well as their Flourish Formulas

We have willing helpers to make, pack and distribute the blends, but we need sponsorship to pay for the bottles we have used already and to buy more for this next phase. We also need funds for postage and freight as people needing these essences are spread nationwide.

If you or anyone you know, wishes to support this project, your donation will be hugely helpful and enable more essences to get to the areas and people that really need them.

Donations may be made to our Quake Relief A/c:-

to National Bank: well & truly  Quake relief a/c  06 0177 0180211 30

Or cheque posted to well & truly, Quake Relief Donation, 183 Jervois Rd, Auckland

If you are in Christchurch and wish to use and dispense essence blends please contact us.


March 17 2011


Today a donated shipment of The Flower Essence Society’s Flourish Formula’s arrived in NZ for the people affected by the quake in Christchurch.

When disasters occur, there is little time or opportunity to make individual flower essence combinations for the large number of people affected by such events. The Flower Essence Society is an international network and co-operative who have reached out to people in their time of need through donations of flower essence formulas during times of crisis. Their Flourish Flower Essence formulas were developed in times of disaster and have helped thousands of people overcome trauma, regain strength, rebuild and recover through disasters such as Rwanda, Cyclone Katrina, Haiti and Sichuan earthquakes. They have now donated Flourish Formulas for people in need in Christchurch.

If you are suffering the impact of this event and would like one of the following blends sent to you please contact us we are very pleased to be able to distribute these wonderful blends on behalf of The Flower Essence Society. Please check back here regularly we will update you with where these are being distributed from.

Fear Less  for composure and containment when challenged by fear anxiety and panic

Illumine - Allowing the light of understanding to transform discouragement and depression

Magenta Self healer - Magenta blossoms to encourage self healing potential and physical vitality

Animal Relief Formula - Calming and comforting for animals in transition or trauma


March 2011

For those who experienced the earthquake firsthand, our hearts go out to you, we feel for you and want to help.

Flower essences  help us access inner strength, overcome fear, process grief, calm and soothe frayed nerves and  anxiety.  Anyone who wants flower essences for emotional support please contact us. We will do our utmost to ensure you get the appropriate essence blend.

We have donated  SOS & Light Heart blends to the Emergency Relief therapists who are working at the Relief Centres, for those in crisis the essences can be accessed there.

We have limited resources,  we need sponsors so we can continue to send as many blends as needed  to the Relief Centres.

We need sponsorship/donations

More blends are being requested and are needed in Christchurch and around the country.

Keywords: Flower Essences

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