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By: Webgear  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Open Source Software, Microsoft Outlook

WebGear is not only about commercial products and services but also about open source software. We are developing and maintaining a number of open source tools for the developers. These include:

GO Contact Sync

GO Contact Sync is an open source tool that synchronizes your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, it removes the hassle of entering details more than once. It supports contact categories and contact photos so your contacts will look exactly the same. There are a few sync options to suite your needs and it can all be done automatically, so it can be used as a backup tool.


Class From Config for C#.NET (ClassFromConfig in short) is code generation utility that creates a static class from your Web.config or App.config. It generates a static C# class with static properties initialised from appSettings and connectionStrings configuration sections. It also generates Custom Configuration Sections from your config. It's a console application written in C#.NET 2.0.


Svn Pre-Commit Validator (SvnPCV in short) is a configurable file validation utility for Subversion (svn) pre-commit hook. It's handy if you wnat to make sure the the files that are committed to your Subversion respository meet certain criteria - i.e. you can syntax check your source code files, validate XML, etc.

Where possible WebGear promotes the use of open source software on development projects. From our experience innovative approaches and pragmatic solutions for a particular technical problem are often created in the context of a larger business-driven development effort by practitioners in the field. When released as open source software these solutions get generalised and become part of the toolchest for the entire community.

WebGear uses some great open source projects and as a token on appreciation strives to give something back to the open source community by contributing to other open source projects.

Here are some open source projects that we have contributed to:

Other open source projects that we use and recommend:

Keywords: Microsoft Outlook, Open Source Software

Other products and services from Webgear


WebGear.co.nz | SmartBiller - track time smarter

SmartBiller is a time tracking / timesheet application carefully crafted for freelances, contractors and small business. It can be integrated with other systems such as project management, financial, ERP etc. using a Plugin API. It was developed with usability and non-intrusiveness in mind. It has simple yet powerful interface.


WebGear.co.nz | Services

We've got expertise in developing very robust and user friendly internet-enabled Windows applications. We can develop native applications for the "latest and greatest" iPhone platform. If you need custom made stand-alone windows software - we can help. We are experienced with Virtual Earth.


WebGear.co.nz | ShopSync - keep your online and offline shops synced

ShopSync works on Windows computers, by watching changes in your point-of-sale database as well as online shop database and it there's a transaction on any end, it updates the other end automatically. Decrease quantities of purchased products in the web database using information from the order. Reduce online shop database maintenance overheads by maintaining only your main database.