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Utility networks are related to a land base by digitised overlay or off-set measurements. These relations may be of cartographic or survey accurate nature.

Should change to the land base occur, conventional ‘rubber sheeting’ methods are error-prone and labour intensive while conventional GIS techniques to address the problem are very expensive. Changes to the land base will be on-going, so a methodology is required to fix the problem now and in future in the most efficient way.

Product Evolution

Hesse, W.J., Williamson, I.P., “A Review of Digital Cadastral Data Bases in Australia and New Zealand”,  The Australian Surveyor, Vol. 35, No. 4.;  First systematic Australia/New Zealand DCDB Review; Researching User Requirements and Solution Design

Hesse, W.J., Williamson, I.P., “MAGIC revisited: An Object-Oriented Solution to the Cadastral Maintenance Problem”,  The Australian Surveyor, Vol. 28, No. 1.; First academic, non-commercial prototype of adjust.IT1998
Justin Eldridge, J.; Homburg, R.; Patchett, T.; Hesse, W. : “Problems Maintaining Your Spatial Reference System? - adjustIT: we-do-IT”,  Proceedings of the Smallworld ’98 International Conference, Barcelona; First commercial BETA release of adjust.IT2002
Rowe, G. “The Survey Conversion Project – Making a Survey-Accurate Digital Cadastre for New Zealand a Reality”,  First production strength adjust.IT version; used on $100m+ project to create a survey-accurate cadastre for New Zealand

2003 - 2005
Product adaptation for the needs of the International Utilities Market

Eldridge, J.; “Tacoma Power's Shifting Landbase - Issues and Solutions”,  TenSails GITA Symposium; Report on successful Tacoma Power Pilot

Hersant, C.; Eldridge J., 2008; "A positive Return on Investment (ROI) Case Study: The Energy Australia Digital Cadastre Upgrade Project",  Seminar Geospatial ROI: Justification Made Easy, GITA Conference 31, March 9-12, Seattle

Used on production sites in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand

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