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By: Wavefounder  06-Dec-2011


Wavefounder provides a very broad range of acoustic and audio product consulting services. Many of our customers regularly require expert input on the design and development of products that include audio output as a core or ancillary function. The types of service required include everything from Industrial Design stage advice through to mass production troubleshooting. Wavefounder provides such services with extensive experience through all facets of audio related products.

Design and Development

Product Qualification Testing

Production and Manufacturing

Wavefounder has been involved in the audio component and consumer product business in south china for many years and can support customers looking to find the right manufacturing partner or wishing to establish a framework for the supply chain. Wavefounder is positioned to offer completely independent and reliable advice to find the right combination of business relationship, cost structure, capacity and logistics. Additionally within our network of relationships we can remove barriers and fast-track the path to vendor – buyer relationships.

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The Windswell includes interchangeable ear fitting grommets, in multiple sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit for all ear sizes.An exciting feature of Windswell is the active control systems ability to eliminate the occlusion effect – a person’s own voice no longer booms in their ears when talking with the earphone in place.