Outdoor Lighting | Nightscapes

By: Waterscapes  06-Dec-2011

At a flick of a switch let us transform your landscape into a vibrant nightscape.

A growing trend in landscape design is enhancement using a lighting system. We make easy to enjoy and utilise your outdoor area, both day and night.

Waterscapes provides solutions for all exterior outdoor lighting applications such as step, path, driveway, deck, up-lighting, down-lighting and wall mounted installations. We will make your outdoor environment a lasting, valuable extension of your living or work space.

Why pay another company to come in and dig up your lawn and garden to lay lighting cable, when we can save you money and time by laying the lighting cable at the same time as our irrigation pipes. 12 volt lighting is save and reliable, we use all the major brands to provide you with an end product that will wow both you and your guests.

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Water Irrigation System

With the high cost of landscaping, an irrigation system is a must – not only aiding the establishment of your lawn or garden, but helping it thrive in the changeable Auckland climate. All Waterscapes irrigation systems are designed to be adaptable for future servicing and development.


Servicing & Maintenance

Watering needs do change with the establishment of your lawn and garden, make sure that you are not over or under watering, that there are no leaks or blowouts costing you water/money and that there are no dry spots creating areas of stress in your landscape garden. With plant growth and establishment of your garden, adjustments and additions are often required.