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By: Waterlife  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Meters, Monitoring Equipment, Water Quality Monitoring

Some of the equipment distributed and supplied by Water Life include, but not limited to

  1. Water Quality Monitoring Equipment
    1. Various types of pH Meters – digital handheld and bench-top
    2. Water Quality Checkers - for the detection of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity and electrolytic conductivity
    3. Heavy Metals Detecting Equipment
    4. Rapid Vibro Cholerae Detectors - for the rapid detection of the causative organism that causes Cholera.
    5. Rapid Salmonella Typhi Detectors - for the rapid detection of the causative organism that causes Typhoid.
    6. Sewage Effluent Testing Kits
    7. The B2P Micromagic Water and Food Testers – for the rapid detection of Coliforms and E.Coli within a maximum of 14 hours but as soon as three hours.
  2. Air Quality Monitoring/Measurement Equipment
    1. Toxic Gas Meters
    2. Dust/Particulate Meters
    3. Formaldehyde Gas Meters
    4. Air Pump Calibrators
    5. Dust Precipitators
    6. Hydrocarbon Analysers
    7. Volatile Organic Compound Monitors
  3. Occupational Health Equipment
    1. Sound Level Meters
    2. Lux/Light Meters
    3. Noise Dose Badges
    4. Dust Sampling Pumps
    5. Radiation Badges
    6. Air Flow Meters
    7. Photo Ionisation Detectors
  4. Scientific and Industrial Laboratory Equipment
    1. Muffle Furnaces – bench top or free-standing.
    2. Photometers
    3. Magnetic Stirrers – multiple and single
    4. Digital Scales
    5. Autoclaves
    6. Spectrophotometers
    7. Conductivity Meters
    8. Infra-red Tip Sterilisers
  5. Environmental Monitoring Equipment
    1. Infra-red Digital Thermometers
    2. Sewage Monitoring Equipment
    3. Moisture Detectors
    4. Temperature and Humidity Meters
    5. Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors
    6. Anemometers
    7. Alcohol Breathalysers
    8. Alcohol-in-Blood Detectors
  6. Environmental/Public Health Equipment
    1. Smoke Detectors
    2. Vitamin A Monitoring/Detecting Equipment
    3. Infra-red Thermal Imaging Flu Detectors
    4. Iodine Monitoring Equipment
    5. Hot Water Probes
    6. Professional Ultraviolet Black Stain Inspection Lights
    7. Fluoride Monitoring Equipment
    8. Ultraviolet Sterilisers
  7. Food Safety/Control Monitoring Equipment
    1. Digital Penetration Food Probes
    2. Dishwasher and Dryer Contact Thermometers
    3. Grain/Cereal Moisture Detectors
    4. Cut Resistant Food Gloves
    5. Cut/Puncture Proof Food Gloves
    6. Metal Detectors
    7. Food Moisture Detectors
  8. Building/Civil Engineering Equipment
    1. Infra-red Digital Tape Measures – outdoor and indoor
    2. Theodolites - Total Stations for Surveying services
    3. GPS Surveying/Mapping Equipment
    4. Protimeters
    5. Surface Temperature Sensors
    6. Probe Systems
    7. Digital Levels
    8. Moisture meters - for the detection of moisture or dampness in timber/wood, brick and masonry

The list of equipment listed is not exhaustive of what Water Life is able to distribute and supply. Water Life can readily source any equipment so desired by a client, to specification. Any other specialised equipment can also be sourced. Water Life aims at sourcing and securing the very best, latest and most effective equipment directly from reputable manufacturers of these products from anywhere around the world. This not only ensures product quality guarantee but also assures the client of our competitive and unmatched prices.

Our Commitment to You

Water Life will freight any equipment to you the client using the shortest and most effective means possible, thereby giving you the peace of mind that your products will arrive quickly, safely and can be used as soon as is practicably required.

Product Warranty

All Water Life products carry a minimum 12 months Manufacturer’s Warranty. Some products carry a longer warranty. Where this is the case, Water Life will advise accordingly. Water Life will endeavour to provide a back-up service on the products it supplies and in all reasonableness without additional cost to the client. Where a cost is likely to be incurred, Water Life will discuss the matter with the client prior to any service being provided.

Keywords: Meters, Monitoring Equipment, Water Quality Monitoring