WARRANTY PLUS - add years to your life

By: Warranty Plus  06-Dec-2011

Extended Warranties What can an Extended Warranty do for you?
• We will REPAIR your product if it breaks down
• If we can’t repair it, we will REPLACE the product
• NO Excess on claims
• MULTIPLE claims until we fix the product or until we replace the product

How long is my product covered?
Depends on what option you have chosen

How much does it cost?
See the Rate Chart, and if you are financing the purchase add it to your finance agreement.

How do I make a claim?
The customer rings the retailer and advises that they have purchased an Extended Warranty option on the product that has broken down.

Will you come and service it on site?
If the Manufacturer’s warranty is on site, then the Warranty Plus warranty is on site.

What is covered?
• All mechanical and electrical faults are covered for replacement parts and labour costs.

Whatever the Manufacturer’s Warranty covers, we cover.

What is not covered?
• Damage to the product due to neglect, abuse, willful act or misuse.
• Problems or malfunctions caused by unauthorized modifications or failure to follow the manufacturers installation, operation and maintenance instructions.
• Routine Maintenance.