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By: Warden Consulting  06-Dec-2011

"We have really noticed a major difference in terms of commitment, response and professionalism since integrating Wardens fully into our business. I appreciate all your efforts and in particular, the time and resource deployed immediately before Christmas. We are getting the result we wanted and feel like we have a true partnership with your organisation where we are both working to the same goals."  Mark Gibson, Chief Executive Officer, ECL.

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Investigation | Warden Consulting

We are positioned in the market to specifically meet the requirements needed to effectively investigate and gather evidence relating to commercial crime. The team is supported by strong research capability in terms of corporate structure, intelligence analysis and relevant associations. We have developed tailored software to manage investigation files which provides an intelligence analysis capability to map trends.


Integrated Security and Investigation Model

Intelligence analysis of historical data, ongoing investigations, compliance issues, fused together with the Uniform consultancy, security consultancy and crime trends assists in continually formulating strategies and tactics. It is a unique approach, virtually a mini police department, with the proactive Uniform Consultants integrating with Investigators combined with an intelligence/security consultancy function.


Covert Operations | Warden Consulting

Warden has at its disposal a range of investigators, researchers and administrative support ready to work on undercover operations or surveillance. As a specialist boutique investigation company Warden is positioned to provide covert investigative services. Our administrative and logistical structure allowed effective evidence gathering and file management. The team is supported by a strong research capability in terms of corporate structure.


Undercover Operations | Warden Consulting

Our agents have experience in both drug and property offending, intellectual property breaches, corporate fraud, political scenarios and general intelligence gathering. Training is tailored to commercial applications and includes all facets of evidential requirements, operational techniques and Court preparation.


Surveillance | Warden Consulting

Our multiple member and vehicle team can be deployed anywhere nationally and is supported by the latest surveillance technology including specifically equipped vehicles. We maintain a dedicated surveillance team with vast private, Police and governmental intelligence service experience. We have undertaken operations from hours in duration to over a year.