Brother S7200C Automatic Plainsewer available from Walker Sotech

By: Walker Sotech  05-Apr-2012

This the most amazing Automatic Plainsewer we have ever sold . Brother leads the industry with this machine at the forefront . The direct drive technology Brother have incorporated into this machine make it the smoothest and most power efficient Automatic Plainsewer on the market.

This is the same machine used on Project Runway - a must for the serious designer.

The motor for this machine is located on the top shaft - this allows for incredible response and smoothness - unlike any other machine you would have tried.

They have done away with the oil bath and have minimum lubrication to reduce the chance of oil staining

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  • Clean sewing with no oil staining.
  • Smooth sewing with direct drive system.
  • Energy-saving model.

For Light materials and difficult-to-sew materials/Medium materials/Heavy materials Max. sewing speed: 4,000-5,000 sti/min Max. stitch length: 4.2-5mm

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