Suma Powder

By: Vital Life  05-Apr-2012

Suma is considered a tonic and an "adaptogen," or botanical agent that helps to normalize bodily functions during stressful situations that might alter those functions, helping the body to adapt and return to an overall sense of well-being.

It is also regarded as an excellent herbal tonic for recovering convalescents.

Articles & Research

Suma root has a very high saponin content (up to 11%). In phytochemistry, plant saponins are well known to have a wide spectrum of activities including

  • supporting normal  blood cholesterol
  • possibly supporting natural  defenses against cancer
  • and supporting the immune system in it’s ever present fight against bacteria, funguses  and viruses.

They are also known as natural detergent and foaming agents.

Phytochemists report that saponins can act by binding with bile acids and cholesterol. It is thought that these chemicals "clean" or purge these fatty compounds from the body (thus supporting normal  blood cholesterol levels).