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By: Vital Life  05-Apr-2012

2010 Organic Entity Methode Traditionnelle - French Style Champagne
Everyday Balm - First Aid Kit in a Jar
Super Greens for Super Nutrition
Swedish Bitters for Digestion
The Link Between Asperger's and Omega 3
How to Stop a Heart Attack

Vital Life Body Transformation Detox Kit
Coconut Water - Rehydrator
'Love in the Time of Cancer' by Chrissy Lilburn
146 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You
Energy Healing and Tension Release

Do you know aluminium is in our water ?  
Green Lipped Mussel Oil for Omega 3 heart health and joints
Is Coconut Oil the answers to Alzheimers ?
5 Helpful ways to lose weight
Energy Healing with Chrissy Lilburn
Tension Release with Susan Somerville

Tart Cherry Juice is high in Melatonin which helps you sleep.
Vitamin D Cod Liver Oil for the Winter months.
Lights Out by T.S. Wiley, a book about sleep, sugar and survival.
Zymessence by Dr William Wong a Systemic Enzyme, the new Anti Aging herbs.

Bio-Strath natures multi-vitamin.
Camu Camu, a fruit from the Amazon that is high in natural Vitamin C.  
Nourishing Traditions Cookbook by Sally Fallon.  

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Coconut Sugar Low GI Sweetener Auckland nz

What this means is that there are usually multiple flower stalks on a single tree which in turn means that a coconut farmer can actually choose to harvest sugar from one flower stalk and let the other stalk mature to coconuts. Coconut Palms are considered the “Tree of Life” by many traditional communities throughout the world as they provide over 100 smallholder accessible products from which to make livelihoods.