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By: Visitorrego  06-Dec-2011

The VisitorRego appliance - what is it?

Yes you can purchase VisitorRego and install it on hardware you have sourced yourself and yes we will support VisitorRego running on this hardware. It does require you to get down and dirty with hardware drivers and the such and this is where the concept of an appliance comes from. Instead of cost of doing it yourself - we done it for you at a fraction of the cost to do it yourself. We have invested in the time ensuring the hardware, device drivers, Windows and VisitorRego are working perfectly together - take it out of the box, plug it in and you are up and running.

We have spent a huge amount of time finding the right hardware and massaging Windows to work perfectly with VisitorRego. As an appliance there is no superfluous applications installed, it only runs VisitorRego. It is locked down and tamper proof.

The appliance is built on the MSi all-in-one touch PC. It has all the hardware required, touch screen, web cam small foot print, low power consumption, low heat, low noise running Windows 7. We attach the Seiko 450 Smart Label printer and a Metrologic comm attached omni directional bar code scanner.

For full specifications of the hardware used for the appliance - click on the links below: