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By: Vetcare  06-Dec-2011

We stock a complete range of trusted pet care products including cat food, dog food, flea treatments, worm treatments, and pet accessories from trusted names such as Profender, Royal Canin, Advocate, Advantage and more.

Vegedent chews, aquadent mouth wash and special dog toothbrushes and toothpaste from Virbac

No excuses for smelly dog breath now!

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Aquadent is simply added to the pets drinking water. It will help freshen your pet's breath and maintain oral hygiene in conjunction with a regular home dental care program.  Visit our nurses on the best way to care for your cat or dogs teeth.

The Worm treatment for difficult cats

Effective, safe parasite treatment with sound advice, tailored to best fit your pet's individual needs.

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Now there is a new, easy and stress-free way to treat and control intestinal worms in cats and kittens. Profender® ALLWORMER, the world’s most effective topical worming product combines powerful broad-spectrum treatment with the ease and convenience of a topical application.

Keep those teeth clean and breath fresh

For a limited time receive a free gift with each bag of royal canin dental food purchased

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Royal Canin dental diets have a unique dual action. Feline dental contains hairball regulator, digestive and urinary health care. Large dog dental has joint support and small dog dental has skin protection, digestive care and urinary health. 

Free worm treatment with every purchase of Advocate or Advantage

Fix all your flea and worm problems in 1 go with this special offer for November

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Drontal is now available in a delicious chew that dogs will love.  Offering 98% palatability this ‘tasty treatment’ is designed to make dosing easier, so no more fingers in dogs mouths or down the throat, just one simple treat every three months.

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Within 30 minuits we can gain insight into how your pet's major organs are functioning detect infection and provide us with a valuable baseline to refer back to later in life. Biological air filter, ECG and Pulse Oximetry monitors, cautery, suction and the best in anaesthetic drugs and equipment all assist maximum skill, care and focus.