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Are you a start up entity?, too small for a full time CFO?,  need some help for a defined period of time to improve performance, or have first-line in-house accounting support but want comprehensive advice on an outsourced basis? - then consider a virtual CFO.  Access comprehensive financial and business growth advice on a regular basis.  Choose from a ½ day up to 3 to 4 days per month - whatever your age and stage - we can provide an experienced virtual CFO to add real and measurable value to your business.

Need some help with a one-off project - VCFO Limited can help

Your situation or needs How we can help
Your business has plateaued, the market has become more competitive or perhaps your products or services no longer meet all the needs of your customers Local market and offshore business strategy development
Have a strategy but don’t know how to implement it? Need to know what are the right things to do within your business to achieve success? Business Planning.  Ask about our growth guide approach to addressing the key areas you need to focus on to achieve faster business growth
How do we enter a new market? Market entry strategies
Need for expansion funding? Capital and debt raising
Wanting to buy plant and machinery or your own premises? Asset acquisition and lease or buy
Looking to expand through acquisition or sell-off a no-longer wanted or needed subsidiary? Business acquisition and divestment, groom your business for sale
Poor structure leading to high cost of debt or problems with working capital? Balance sheet restructuring
Want to track progress towards short, medium and long term goals? Monthly key performance indicator reporting (KPI) reporting
Want a check-up? 1/4rly business workout – a complete examination of your performance in the marketplace and how to do better – the business equivalent of a full medical check-up
Poor IT system performance? Review and improve/upgrade your IT systems

VCFO Limited offers a full range of chartered accounting services:

Your situation or needs How we can help
Meaningful and regular analysis of your business’ financial performance Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual management reporting. Although not a requirement, we encourage our clients to use XERO – in this way we both can see the same picture at all times
Effective and efficient business and taxation structuring Taxation consulting
First-line accounting support The provision of accounting and administration services including GST, FBT and PAYE requirements
Statutory compliance Annual accounts and tax return preparation

We are a customer focused organisation - If it’s not listed here it probably should be! – talk to us about it!

What is a virtual CFO?
A virtual CFO is a non-employee resource to support some or all of the financial functions of a company. This typically is on an ongoing, but part-time basis.

Why use a virtual CFO?
  • Gain access to very seasoned professionals experienced in all stages of
    a growing business
  • Tap VCFO limited’s collective best practices
  • Only pay for what you need, when you need it
  • Benefit from current and applicable market knowledge and relationships leveraged to assist
    your company
  • Right size the need to the resource

How is VCFO Limited different from a contracting agency?
You have access to a virtual CFO for as long as you need it but on a part time basis. Contracting agencies typically provide resource on a full time basis but for a short term period.

What happens when I need a full time CFO?

VCFO limited can help you find this person and support their transition into your organisation.

Are you a firm of Chartered Accountants?

Yes - VCFO limited is an approved provider of accounting services by the New Zealand Institute of Charted Accountants.

Do you only employ Accountants?

No - VCFO Limited can offer a range of skilled professionals to meet customer needs - from specialists in Mergers and Acquisitions through to Corporate Development Officer experience - VCFO can put you in touch with the specialist help that you need.

Keywords: Accounting, Accounting Services, Chartered Accounting