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By: Universal Pump Services  06-Dec-2011
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The old adage that "If it's not broke then don't fix it" certainly rings true in most things in life, but we wouldn't drive our cars until the oil light comes on or the wheels fall off.

Routine maintenance is the key to pump longevity, picking up the start of a problem long before the pump system gives up all together, saving you money on potentially costly repair bills. A worn impellor or faulty control system can significantly increase the running costs of a system.

Our experienced service department is on hand to help and offer advice in the event of a breakdown or maintenance enquiry. We are approved service agents for K.S.B Ajax N.Z Ltd who are a major supplier of pumps and pumping systems in New Zealand. Contact our Service Department or our premises on 09 579 1464 for assistance.

Custom Design Service

If every customers needs were the same life would be easy but not very interesting.

Our Team enjoy a challenge

Advice & Planning Services

How many times have you started a job and then thought "I wish I'd left that to someone who knows what they are doing"?

Pumps and Pumping Systems aren't exactly rocket science but a little knowledge isn't necessarily a good thing. We are pleased to advise on your application and perhaps suggest the way forward. We do not offer a free 'from conception to completion' planning service, (we have to make a living as well as you do!) but we do like to think the initial advice we give will persuade you that we know what we're talking about and that we can produce the goods on time and within budget.

Keywords: Hand to Help, Planning Services, Pump, Pumping Systems

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