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By: Universal Print & Management  06-Dec-2011

What is Finishing?
Finishing services are those services which take place after printing to complete a document. We offer a wide variety of services, including:

We stock a range of matt and gloss laminates that can be applied to the front, back or both sides of a document.

Documents that have non-standard sizes or shapes will need to be cut to the correct size. We provide full guillotining services as well as die-cutting for awkwardly shaped documents. We also provide kiss-cutting services if you wish to print labels on a sheet and only cut through the top layer.

Universal provides the following types of binding services:
1) Perfect (or glue) binding:
Professional quality binding that is usually used for books.
2) Comb (or spiral) binding:
Wire or plastic binding for all documents.
3) Stitching (or staple) binding:
Two or more staples that can be placed along the spine or in the middle of a document.

Automated Booklet Making
We have a commercial automated booklet maker which can stitch and fold any volume of booklets.

Duplicate Books - NCR (No Carbon Required):
Universal can print books or pads that duplicate onto several sheets as you write. Usually books have 2 (duplicate) or 3 (triplicate) carbon copies of each sheet, but more copies can be provided as required.

Folding & Collating:
Universal can perform a wide range of folding services, from simple DL folds through to complex custom folds. All with the help of our Inhouse highspeed 'Morgana' folding and creasing machines. We can also collate a series of different pages together to form pads or books.

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