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By: United Swimming Club  05-Apr-2012
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Hello everyone,
We have come to the end of our very long and busy term. I am very happy with the results at the end of it and I would like to remind everyone how far we have come.
From October to November we started our program, it was pretty flexible with training as many swimmers had exams around this time, I do not think this affected anyone’s progress in their main competitions either as we had plenty of time during school holidays to prepare.
Skipping to January camp held in Auckland, this was a good start to prepare for NAGS. I was happy to see many faces coming back from Christmas break with their families and ready to concentrate on their swimming goals. There was a very good dryland program, 4km tests, running up Mt Eden hill (I'm sure many swimmers will not forget this). I also would like to thank Ian Beetham who helped us run some of the dryland programs and presented new activities. By the end of this camp, we had the Anthony Moss Classics. This competition was more important for younger swimmers as it was their last chance to qualify for NAGs, I was very happy with group 3b as many of them had qualified and did amazing personals bests. Congratulations:
Juliana Tong
Jason and Jordie Smeets
Rebekah Bradley
Georgia Zacest
After this we had 4 weeks preparation for Nationals. My opinion is that swimmers really 'knuckled' down and trained hard, even with school starting, discipline, dedication and attendance was high. I was proud to see the swimmers change their attitude and be more mature about what they wanted.
During NAGS, we had 21 swimmers representing United. One of the main focus within the team was to get into the finals and bring as much points to the team. By the end of the competition some swimmers were successful and other were a little disappointed in their results, however we have to keep our spirits high as this is sport and it can be unpredictable. I would like to highlight some amazing results from Nationals. Congratulations:
Georgia Marris - Her four gold medals should be recognised. She swam so many distances I cannot remember how many silver and bronze she also received.
Max Polianski - Also four gold medals and one silver.
Erik Kahr - Two silver medals, however I am sure you could have won gold.
Others that are not mentioned still did very well and also the relay teams. I think we were very well prepared.
After Nationals we had Div 2 competition in Auckland (Auckland Opens). Originally this competition was supposed to be held in Christchurch however due to the quake tragedy it was cancelled and moved.
I would like to highlight two swimmers Josh Benson, he swam his personal bests and won two gold medals. Maddie Little also swam her personal bests and won two silver medals. Well done!
This term has not finished yet. Selected swimmers have N.Z Opens and Australian Age groups to start focusing on now, for those who are not attending these competitions must still stay focused and develop their swimming and fitness by attending trainings.
Finally I would like to congratulate the NZ juniors for their results and in particular highlight Fraser Brodie and Max Kennedy-Till for good results. I also wish group 1 good luck for N.Z Opens, I do hope to see some successful results.
Overall a big term, I do apologise if I had missed out anyone’s results or medals. I am getting older, not younger and my memory has already retired before me.

Keywords: Swimmers

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In the Auckland Swimming Association region the Level 3 meets have been divided into three regions, Waitakere Zone which covers West Auckland, Northern Zone which covers the North Shore and Central Zone which covers Central Auckland. The minimum age band for Level 2 swimmers is 11 and under, so even if a swimmer is a 9 year old he or she will need to achieve the minimum 11 and under qualifying time for male or female swimmers.


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My focus during this time was to prepare the squad to make all their finals and also to beat their personal bests and I was very proud at everyone’s performance. For those who do not know, I would like to say I am very proud that our club got placed 4th overall, we are a small club and competition was tough.