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By: Ufl Airports  06-Dec-2011

UFL Group's experience in design, planning, engineering and manufacturing enables us to create functional and customised solutions to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

UFL Group provides the following services from concept stage:

  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Design
  • Specialist technical consultant engagement and management documentation
  • Contract bidding
  • Construction management and implementation
  • Establishment of short and long term maintenance requirements and programmes

As experienced professionals in providing long-lasting quality terminal seating, our beam seating ranges offer a wide range of features and finishes to suit most passenger terminal requirements. Long experience and expertise in the airport furniture industry has led to the development of various advanced products and systems for airport counters, utilising the most modern materials and technologies and enabling greater economies of space and terminal efficiencies. The Group offers a wide range of tape and rope barriers to enable controlled passenger facilitation and guidance management. UFL Group has developed an innovative world-first with the design and manufacture of rotating tape heads.

Like our customers, UFL Group is committed when it comes to quality. We focus on the quality of design and engineering, service and performance, as well as the quality of the relationships we form with our customers.