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By: Tvlowcost  05-Apr-2012
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Awarness vs. Brand Building

If you're going to the effort of developing a campaign for your brand and investing on TV, it needs to be focused on longer term brand growth. Many TV brand campaigns with limited budgets are short and sharp because of the chosen format (Masthead and info brand ads like Brand Power and Discover) or don't have the budget to spend on media because the agency has over spent proportionately on production. While these campaigns create good brand awareness and lift sales in the short term, they don't build the brand.

TVLowCost is focused on brand building, not just creating brand awareness. Our approach is ideal for reigniting challenger brands that already have reasonable awareness and distribution levels but limited budgets. They need good strategy and creative to reconnect with their consumers and be able to afford to invest in further campaign flights using the same ad.

Our experience and proven production model have ignited leading brands in New Zealand and around the world. Our consumer insights; strategy; creative ideas; smart media buying; and testing and measurement have built stronger brands for all our clients. And all within a realistic budget.

Our low cost approach means we put more into media than production and fees. Brands like UDC, Morning Fresh and Outward Bound have been able to afford successive campaigns. Our average residual share gain in NZ is 9.4%. Ask about our brand building case studies..

Keywords: Advertising Agency, Fmcg, Outdoor Advertising, Pharmaceutical Brands, Radio Advertising, Radio Network, Tarps, Tv Production

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From international research and testing over 3,500 ads worldwide, irrespective of category, type of advertising, country or media, only about 30% of the finished ads are very effective (Source: Admap 2003). Pretesting tells us which ad will most likely make consumers buy versus being sold to. The ROI for a pretest has be calculated at 900% if you get it right.


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Video content (demonstrations; celebrity endorsement; consumer endorsement; competitive comparisons;product reviews; experiential branding. We have extended our TVLowCost expertise into producing simple and effective low cost video production. Online video is beceoming an increasingly bigger part of the digital marketing repertoire. It is estimated video content will represent 90% of all online content. Our fixed price packs include.


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Growing audience levels and rising ad spend show television remains a form of "super media" despite the many challenges to its status, according to Deloitte. On average, individuals will dedicate three-and-a-quarter hours each day to linear broadcast material, measured against 15minutes utilising social networks.