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By: Tru Design Plastics  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Marine Plumbing, Skin Fittings, Reinforced Nylon

Finally a solution to the constant concern of the corrosion of the most important part of your marine plumbing system.

Tru-Designs range of Skin Fittings are certified by the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) in Belgium.

The ISO 9093-2 certification was gained after exhaustive testing was carried out in accordance with the IMCI.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand , our Skin Fittings are manufactured in a special grade of glass reinforced nylon composite, resulting in a quality product with high impact and tensile strength.

Features :

  • Use of a unique grade of glass reinforced Nylon composite provides high impact and tensile strength.
  • All our skin fittings are supplied with a Nylon washer to increase locknut support on through hull assembly.
  • The use of composite Skin Fittings eliminates corrosion, and avoids electrolysis problems.

Skin Fittings available in both black and white.

90424 Skin Fitting ½" BSP Black
90431 Skin Fitting ¾" BSP Black
90422 Skin Fitting 1" BSP Black
90420 Skin Fitting 1 ¼" BSP Black
90418 Skin Fitting 1 ½" BSP Black
90428 Skin Fitting 2" BSP Black

90425 Skin Fitting ½" BSP White
90432 Skin Fitting ¾" BSP White
90423 Skin Fitting 1" BSP White
90421 Skin Fitting 1 ¼" BSP White
90419 Skin Fitting 1 ½" BSP White
90429 Skin Fitting 2" BSP White

Keywords: Marine Plumbing, Reinforced Nylon, Skin Fittings,

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