TriLogics and Intervest Global Live Founder Matthew Whyatt Urges Good Habits for 2010

TriLogics and Intervest Global Live Founder Matthew Whyatt Urges Good Habits for 2010 from TriLogics New Zealand

By: TriLogics New Zealand  20-Jan-2010
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While we are still in the first few weeks of the new year, Matthew Whyatt, founder of Intervest Global Live, urges clients to start getting into good form with TriLogics in preparation for the rest of 2010. "Success with TriLogics is important to us, so listen to your trainer and start off the year with good habits," says Matthew Whyatt. In the middle of last year Intervest Global Live passed on some of the top tips that came from our trainers as well as from TriLogics Power Users. (Power Users refers to people who use TriLogics with great consistency and great results.) Often, Power Users will contact Matthew Whyatt or Intervest Global Live staff and share their personal experiences. Last year we published some of the habits that they stick to, and which help them earn more with TriLogics. Over the coming weeks we'll review some of the time tested habits you should get into and add new ones as they come to our attention. If you have found a strategy or developed a habit let us know and we'll pass it on.  

One of the first tips or habits is to make sure you complete your training before trading. It may sound surprising to long time TriLogics users, but it is not unusual for us to get calls from clients who have questions about their trading results and strategy. Often, within the first 30 seconds, our trainers learn that the person on the other end of the line is still in training! A conversation like this then ensues: Trainer: "But mate, you haven't completed all your data sheets. I thought we agreed that you wouldn't trade before then." New TriLogics owner: "Well, I was anxious to get started." Trainer: "I understand that, but would you drive a new car on the road before you learned to drive?" New TriLogics owner: "Of course not, but I'd really like to get started with TriLogics…" Please: complete your training before live trading. This is for your benefit. We want to make sure you have the best start possible.  

Similarly, if you have already completed your TriLogics training and are currently trading don't forget about the training completely. One of our Power Users recommends reviewing the training modules on a weekly basis. That's right: review your training every week. If that sounds like it's a bit "over the top" consider what professional athletes do on the days when they are not competing. They practice and train. They practice the things they have done hundreds of thousands of times. This way, the likelihood that they will make a mistake drops considerably. Plus, most important of all, it increases their confidence. A confident trader is more likely to be a successful trader. To give yourself that extra edge, review your training regularly.  

In addition to reviewing, be sure to take a few moments to check the members section of the TriLogics website every time you log on to use your program. In fact, even if you're not using the program for some time make it a habit to check the members section when you're online. Although Intervest Global Live will email you important updates when they are available the smaller, but still important issues that we are aware of will be posted there such as issues with the TAB data feed or compatibility issues with other software you may be loading on to your computer. Check the members section.  

One final point: while you're on the TriLogics website click on the Read More link. This area has additional news about racing and TriLogics. It's not essential reading like the members section, but you might find some interesting information that will help you. Like the tips we've included today as well as those that will be coming up in future weeks. Stay up to date with TriLogics and you'll feel more comfortable and confident. Try it—we think you'll like it!

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