Examples of PR Guidelines for TriLogics by Matthew Whyatt of Intervest Global Live

Examples of PR Guidelines for TriLogics by Matthew Whyatt of Intervest Global Live from TriLogics New Zealand

By: TriLogics New Zealand  11-Nov-2009
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Since the introduction of the new TriLogics trading guidelines for Intervest Global Live module Percentage Return (PR) Matthew Whyatt and staff have fielded questions about implementing the new strategy. "The main thing TriLogics owners need to know," says Matthew Whyatt, "is that the new guidelines give Intervest Global Live clients a great new earning opportunity." Matthew Whyatt goes on to add, "Also, it's important that TriLogics clients remember that these new guidelines from Intervest Global Live complement older guide lines—they don't replace them."  

To get the fullest and most up to date information on these guidelines the best thing to do is log in to the members section of the Intervest Global Live website or check the TriLogics site for details. This is a great earning opportunity and full details are available online. For those who are not yet clients talk to a consultant at 1800 733 833 or on 0800 443 509 in New Zealand to get the complete picture.  

Examples from past races give an idea of how the new guidelines come into play, but the best way to experience it is to actually see it on your screen with your own TriLogics program. If you're not yet a TriLogics owner, you can call the numbers above and get a free, no obligation live demo on your own computer.  

Looking at a race from the past, we'll look at various indicators that are tracked by TriLogics to see how the new Percentage Return guidelines would change a race which previously would not have been a "go" race into a "go" race with the new strategy. In this race, the top two horses were both pulling large late money. Unfortunately, too many other horses were also clumped into a group with about the same amount of money and so it was not positive as a Trifecta race. It also didn't look good for the older PR strategy because the favorite was just too strong—you don't want that if you're wagering against it. However, since the new strategy allows you to go with the favorite, this ended up being a great new PR race. Ultimately, the PR was above the 50% minimum we recommend and it would have been a positive earnings race.  

Again, although this may sound complicated to people who don't currently own TriLogics it is really quite simple, especially when you're looking at it on your screen and you have the guidelines printed out from the website.

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