December has a great start, says Matthew Whyatt about TriLogics by Intervest Global Live

December has a great start, says Matthew Whyatt about TriLogics by Intervest Global Live from TriLogics New Zealand

By: TriLogics New Zealand  15-Dec-2009
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Matthew Whyatt, founder of Intervest Global Live, speaks out on the great start the TriLogics Trifecta module has gotten off to in December. "We are already on track to a great year, and the first 10 days of December are really driving us forward," says Matthew Whyatt. He's not exaggerating either, with $5,317.80 earned from the Trifecta module between the first and the tenth of December. As for the great year TriLogics is having, it has already earned $65,543.25 for 2009 with time still to go to add to that total.  

As stated earlier, the total earnings with TriLogics Trifecta module, over the course of the first 10 days of December is well over $5000. With those kinds of figures over a 10 day period, it should come as no surprise that there were several outstanding days. By way of example, three of the days resulted in over a thousand dollars in earnings and there were another 2 days with earnings over five hundred dollars.  

Perhaps best of all, on many of those days the earnings were made over a relatively short period of time. Probably the best overall day was the fifth of December. On that day more than $1400 was made in just thirty five minutes. Part of the reason this is great news for owners of TriLogics and those considering becoming clients is that it is a good illustration of how you very well could make more money in less time than it currently takes you.  

Of course, it's important to assess the earning power of TriLogics over the long haul. "We stress to people that TriLogics is NOT a get rich quick proposition," says Matthew Whyatt. "Having said that it's clear that there are excellent days and it's great to point them out. We've found that many people prefer the advantages of the TriLogics system over a traditional pay check job."

Most people who are interested in the chance for financial freedom find that having a Free Live TriLogics Demo is the best way to start off. People have told us over and over that seeing is believing. To find out how you can see TriLogics live on your computer, while a consultant points out important features call us on 0800 303 095 today! You may not realize it, but financial freedom is closer than you think!

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