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2012-03-20 09:16:45

At the final leg of the Contact Tri Series in Wellington on March 10th, participants had more to celebrate than just crossing the finish line.

Their efforts on the course contributed to raising around a third of the record $89,693.35 for kids with life-threatening illnesses. These funds were raised for Cure Kids through Contact's ‘$ per KM' campaign which sees $1 donated to Cure Kids for every kilometre completed by participants in the series.

At the Contact Tri Series prize giving, Cure Kids Ambassador Liam Todd (11) gave a powerful speech to the participants describing his journey with cancer and how Cure Kids "give money to doctors like mine to help them find ways to stop other kids getting sick.”

Liam was diagnosed with an incredibly rare tumour in his sinuses when he was seven, one of only 23 people around the world known to suffer from this type of tumour. After numerous operations performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Professor Swee Tan, Liam is now cancer free.

Professor Tan's groundbreaking work and research into rare facial cancers and tumours is supported by Cure Kids.

Contact's Community Relations Manager Craig Griffiths said that Liam's story is one of many cases where children's recoveries are testimony to the work of Cure Kids.

"We are thrilled that 100% of the funds raised through our ‘$ per KM' pledge will make a difference and support doctors around the country like Professor Tan to continue their important work and research with Cure Kids.”

Cure Kids CEO Vicki Lee congratulated those who have helped Contact raise the funds.

"This is a fantastic result and we want to thank the thousands of people who took part in the Contact Tri Series. The participants have pushed themselves to achieve a personal goal – and in doing so have helped to make a significant contribution to Cure Kids, and the lives of children like Liam.”

The money raised through the ‘$ per KM' campaign will go towards researching life-threatening illnesses suffered by New Zealand children such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, diabetes, leukaemia and heart disease.

$30,000 of the $89,693.35 raised for Cure Kids was generated through the Wellington event which took place at Waitangi Park and with 895 participants was the largest event the series has had in its six year history.

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