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By: Tom Edmond  06-Dec-2011

Commercial Products & Services
  • Split systems are designed to air condition one room, office or area.
  • They are available in elegant wall-mounted indoor units, efficient and discreet ceiling cassette units or slim line under ceiling units. Each of these is piped and wired to an individual outdoor ‘compressor’ unit.
  • Split systems offer the ultimate in quiet temperature control due to advanced technology in the compressor, fan blades and fan motor.
  • Split systems incorporate a host of innovative features including infrared remote controls, digital timers, air purifiers and dehumidifying function.
  • A range of models utilizing super efficient and economical ‘Inverter Technology’ are also available.

  • These combined indoor/outdoor units are easy to install through a window or wall and are available in a range of capacities to suit different sized rooms.
  • Easy to maintain, exceptionally durable, and finished in a design sure to complement any room, these systems offer affordable year round comfort.
  • Ducted heat pump systems provide year round comfort with a full range of capacities and features to match any building.
  • The unobtrusive and extremely quiet compressor units are usually mounted at ground level outside or on tanalised timber stands on the roof above.
  • The indoor unit is totally concealed, usually in a ceiling void. Flexible ductwork distributes conditioned air through outlets positioned in the walls, floor or ceiling located throughout the building.
  • Systems can be controlled separately or can be connected to a common central controller.
  • Multi-split system air conditioners allow a single outdoor compressor unit to be connected to multiple indoor units, regardless of type. This allows you to select the model best suited to each and every room, and for individual control of air conditioning to each space. This not only optimizes comfort but saves on running costs as you only air condition areas as you need to.
  • Multi-split systems are ideal for buildings where there is limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducting.
  • VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems are dramatically changing the way many new and existing high and low rise commercial buildings are air conditioned.
  • While conventional systems air condition a building as a whole, VRV systems condition each room or zone individually, providing precise levels of control that react to the exact condition and requirements in each area. Hence they are ideal for the constantly changing occupancy of a typical building.
  • VRV systems reduce energy bills, lower installation and operating costs and increase occupant comfort.
  • Space efficiency is enhanced by the compact size of the individual units, which are easily operated and include a full range of functions.
  • VRV heat recovery systems provide further energy savings.
  • We will visit you at your premises, discuss your requirements and provide a free no obligation quotation that will include full installation and electrical work.
  • For new buildings we can quote from the plans and carry out installation in stages during the construction process.
  • Following installation we will offer you a maintenance contract to guarantee efficiency and optimum performance of your air conditioning system, and provide an IQP certificate for building Warrant of Fitness purposes.
  • In the event of a breakdown our highly qualified and experienced service team are able to quickly diagnose and attend to any problems, to ensure that your system is out of service for the shortest time possible.
  • All our equipment manufacturers offer full technical support, including easily accessible spare parts and 5 year warranty cover.
  • After informing us of your decision to proceed we will book in an installation date, usually within the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Our highly qualified and experience refrigeration engineers and electrician will attend your job at the same time and carry out the installation in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • When the installation is complete they will clean up after themselves and instruct you on the operation of the system.