By: Tmzanz  05-Apr-2012

Message from our President

Greetings to all and a warm welcome to all our Zarathustee friends, who have recently migrated to New Zealand. Just a note of wisdom to them, do pick-up the Kiwi lifestyle but make an extra effort to follow our Mazdayasni Zarathustee faith. We wish them success & good luck.

In our last issue I had informed that we have applied for the tax exemption from the IRD. Yes its good news, TMZANZ has received the tax exemption from IRD, we are exempted under various categories, the extra income saved can be used for our anjuman activities. All donations made to TMZANZ will be issued with a receipt and the same can be used to claim a rebate from the IRD on your tax returns.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Chat and Chaat - Bhel puri, Bake-a-Cake, and the recent picnic to Omana Beach functions. It has been a pleasure to organise these events and I am sure all of you have enjoyed attending them.

Thanks for every one who attended our mid term general meeting, we had 76% attendance and I am sure most of us had the opportunity to put forward our views. Finally, TMZANZ will continue to have our regular prayer class and ghambar ceremonies during 2002 as per the calendar sent to all members. We encourage everyone to participate and contribute.

There is more to learn and share as we pray together. Before I end let me remind you, currently we are coming out with our telephone and blood group directory and in the process of updating the TMZANZ web-site. More information is available from any of the committee members.

Atha Zamyaad Yatha Afrinami

Sohrab Shapurjee Irani 

Up coming events

    17th March Educational Lecture and slide show followed by Ghambar

    21st March Jamshedi Navroz Jashan, followed by dinner and falooda.

We will keep you informed on all future events.

Sad News

Vada Dasturjisaheb Kaikobad Phiroze Dastoor of Udvada Iranshah died on Friday 25th. January 2002 He was 76 years old. Our heart felt condolences to his family.

He is stated as being “The most highly respected High Priest of the Parsi community worldwide” (Master-Moos, 2000).

Vada Dasturjisaheb Kaikobad Phiroze Dastoor succeeded as High Priest after his father in 1971, and served for a glorious 31years.

Latest Edition

Congratulations to Pervez and Zenobia Mistry on the birth of their son Shiavux.

A recipe to share… - Compliments of Faranak Irani

Irani Chicken


1 size 22 chicken roasted (from the deli)

Fresh cream

100 gms cashewnut ground to paste

1/2 litre tomato juice

1 bunch coriander chopped

4-5 boiled eggs chopped

1 tsp ginger paste

1 tsp garlic paste

200 gms natural sweetened Yoghurt

2 - 3 tblspn Baba meat masala (available at any Chinese tofu shop)

2 tblspn fried onion paste

2-3 tspn badyian powder

Kasturi Methi

A piece of jaggery (optional)

2 bay leaves

Butter or ghee

Salt to taste


      Shred chicken marinate in ginger, garlic, yoghurt & baba meat masala & set aside for about 1-1.5 hours.

    In a frying pan heat butter add 2 bay leaves & fry the marinated chicken for about 3-4 minutes.

    In a separate pan fry the cashew nut paste & add to the chicken, continue roasting followed by fried onion paste. To this add tomato juice & continue cooking till the tomato juice dries up to a nice thick gravy.

      Add kasturi methi & fresh cream. When the gravy thickens up (almost evaporated). Add chopped boiled eggs, chopped coriander & sprinkle badyian powder.

Serve with rotli/paratha. This can also be used as stuffing for pancakes, pies or toasted sandwich.

Sounds fabulous…Thanks Faranak!


December the 16th was a memorable day for young Xerxes Sukhia, and a proud day for all those who know him. It was the day he completed his navar ceremony.

Under the guidance of Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji of Vacha Gandhi Agiary, Xerxes under went a rigorous initiation into the priesthood.

The desire to continue his family tradition was entirely the choice of Xerxes.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Ervad Xerxes and his parents, and hope other young Zarthustees will follow in his footsteps.

We would like to hear from you…

Other news and updates from Tmzanz


Newsletter - mar03

Until receiving the agenda, we assumed the subject of discussion would perhaps be on a framework for cooperating for social events, however the meeting was arranged to discuss the possible formation of a single association. By being members of TMZANZ, you have all taken the first step of at least preserving the proper definition of a Zarathushti and performing religious ceremonies as they were meant to be done.