Walk in freezer room servicing, repairs. Compressor, refrigeration, chiller maintenance service Call 09 274 4447 for a free quota

By: Thermo Tech  06-Dec-2011
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Walk in freezer room servicing, repairs. Compressor, refrigeration, chiller maintenance service Call 09 274 4447 for a free quotation

One or more walk in freezers can be the focal point of many businesses.  Food production and distribution businesses require quality reliable refrigeration.  Walk in freezer rooms are used throughout commerce and industry.

Failure of a freezer room can cause significant consequential loss.  Many freezer room failures can remain undetected for extended periods resulting in total product loss or spoilage.  High temperature alarms are relatively inexpensive when compared to total loss and are very sophisticated.  Modern alarms can be connected to an intruder alarm or can be set up to send a message.

Many walk in freezer rooms can fail as a result of poor or infrequent maintenance.  It is a fact that planned maintenance is a fraction of the cost of unplanned failure in a freezer of any description. 

For example many freezer rooms in Auckland suffer from excessive ice build up.   This is usually caused by warm moist air entering the room when the door is opened.  Without planned maintenance defrost settings can be inadequate to remove the ice build up from door openings.  This problem can be exacerbated by warm humid conditions.

Another common fault on freezer rooms with inadequate maintenance is blocked drains.  To suggest that the construction of a functioning freezer room condensate drain is a work of art might be an overstatement.  There are however, more poorly constructed freezer condensate drains than there are good ones so leaking drains are a constant challenge.

Icing, defrost and blocked condensate drains are only a few of the problems that can plague your walk in freezer room if planned maintenance is neglected.  Without going into minute detail regarding possible points of failure it is sufficient to say that the reliability of walk in freezers is dependent upon planned maintenance.

Planned maintenance is a form of insurance for product and equipment alike.  A planned maintenance visit carried out by a skilled Refrigeration technician will reveal any issues with the system that need attention to ensure reliability.

Thermo Tech can design a planned maintenance program that will protect your product and equipment alike.  Combine this service with Thermo Tech superior emergency breakdown response times both product and equipment are protected.

Keywords: Can Design, Emergency Breakdown, Refrigeration

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