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By: The Mortgage Supply Company - Hobsonville  04-Feb-2012
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What Many Don’t Know About a Mortgage Broker Many people in New Zealand go directly to the bank for a home loan but would use a mortgage broker if they knew more about the mortgage broker and the services they offer. A mortgage broker competes with banks to get home loan customers; however also work with banks to look after the same customers. It is a funny relationship but can work extremely well for the customer, the mortgage broker and the bank. Most mortgage brokers are not employed by the banks and therefore should work hard for the customer (you) to ensure that you get the best home loan. A good mortgage broker is as important as any other professional and often saves you a lot of money on your home loan and other lending. What is a Good Mortgage Broker? In the past people only imagined using the services of a mortgage broker when they were not able to get a home loan or mortgage from their own bank. Mortgage brokers were seen as the people to speak to when the banks said “no.” Today things have changed and mortgage brokers generally offer a professional service that helps people to make better choices. The mortgage brokers now also have to be a registered financial adviser and listed on a public register. Being registered does not automatically mean that the mortgage broker is a good one; however it has seen some of the not so good mortgage brokers decide to find a different profession. When you look for a mortgage broker you should be looking for the broker who has experience and one that you feel comfortable with. Visit to learn more. You are trusting the broker to find you the most suitable home loan which may be your largest ever financial commitment so you shouldn’t take the decision lightly. A mortgage broker should be someone you trust.

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