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By: The Library Supply Company  06-Dec-2011
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Our product range is aimed primarily at public libraries and our services are designed to meet specific public library requirements. Some of our products are also so suitable for schools, so if you are an educator or school librarian, this section of the site is for you too.

Standing Orders

All of our large print and unabridged audio book series can be supplied monthly on standing order – a convenient, budgeted way to ensure that new titles appear on your shelves every month, immediately on release.

We offer a range of standing order options, designed to:

  • Save you money
  • Spread expenditure through the year
  • Take the hard work out of selection
  • Match your community’s reading interests

Standing Order options include:

  • Series plan – all new titles from one or more imprints each month (qualifies for maximum discount)
  • A profiled plan, with a mix of titles from several imprints, tailored to your budget.

All standing orders qualify for discount and are supplied from locally held stock. Standing orders may be adjusted at any time to meet changing requirements or budgets.


All of our books and non-print materials can by supplied fully processed to your exact specifications, including stamps, barcodes, spine labels, covers, security tags and re-packaging of kits. Ask for our price list or send processed samples and specifications for a quotation. (More details, and pricing).

Marc Cataloguing

Shelf-ready Collections

We can supply complete new collections of large print, audio books and AV materials, processed, catalogued and ready for lending. Or, we can take over management of existing collections. We will undertake selection, working to agreed profiles and budgets, or provide you with catalogues and other selection tools. (More details, and pricing).

Collection Management

In our specialist areas of large print books and all non-print materials – audio, video, DVD, multimedia, recorded music and language learning materials – we offer not only a one-stop-shop solution, but also a complete collection management service.

Essentially, it’s the management of your budget by a trusted partner. It encompasses evaluation of the scope of your collection, selection, sourcing, and supply of fully shelf-ready materials. Most importantly, because it’s a partnership, it includes a provision to involve library staff at every stage.

We could only make this work if we knew exactly what libraries need, and be in a position not only to respond to those needs, but also to anticipate them at every opportunity. We realise that the people best qualified to understand libraries’ needs are librarians – so we employ several people from library backgrounds. Their breadth of experience, and our links with specialist book and audiovisual publishers, make us ideally qualified to understand our clients’ needs and to match them with exactly the right materials, cost-effectively.

Service Features

  • Library Profiling – building a picture of your library’s community and marrying that with relevant collection profiles and policies.
  • Selection – a comprehensive approach, using independent reviews, publisher information, and a full range of standard reference materials.
  • Budget management and reporting – regular reports, customised to your criteria.
  • Bibliographic and technical services – MARC records, catalogue amendments, adding holdings, full shelf-ready processing – all to your specifications.
  • Monitoring and evaluation using agreed KPIs
  • Handling borrower and staff requests

Stock Lists

Selection Visits

We are open from 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday, for selection visits. We’re easy to find, and we carry extensive stocks of new and backlist large print and audio books, that you can select from our warehouse shelves.

Tape and CD replacements

Replacements are not available for most abridged audio book titles.

Audio Book and Multimedia Packaging

For AV materials that are sold in packaging not suitable for library use, including multimedia CD-Roms, language kits, book and CD/tape sets, we provide a full re-packaging service.

Mailing List

To receive our regular mailings of catalogues and new release information, or to change your mailing address details, use our mailing list form.

Pricing and Discounts

On all imported titles, our NZ prices are calculated to be as close as possible to country-of-origin published prices. We don’t charge extra for shipping, and delivery throughout New Zealand is free.

Discounts are given on:

  • Standing orders
  • Bulk orders
  • Showroom selections
  • Selected backlist titles

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