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By: The Gasman  06-Dec-2011

It is the perfect combination of minimalist styling and high efficiency heating. The fire comes with wireless remote control, thermostat, programmable timer and three speed fan as standard features. Fascias come in metallic silver or matt black, and in either 3 sided for mounting above a hearth, or 4 sided for mounting part way up a wall.

The IB850 has 9.0kW of heat output, is 75% efficient, and the fascia size is 1060 x 590mm. For more detailed information, and dimensions, view the Builders and Architects Information sheet below.

Also available for the IB600 is our new i-con remote switching, which allows you to switch on your fire using your cellphone, or online. If it's a cold evening, use your cellphone or internet connection to turn on your fire before you get home, and arrive to a warm house! Escea is the only brand of Gas Fires offering this exciting new technology, and no telephone wiring is required as the i-con system uses cellphone signals.

The fire includes a wireless control, thermostat, programmable timer, and three speed fan. Fascias come in metallic silver or matt black, and in either 3 sided for mounting above a hearth (pictured left) or 4 sided for mounting part way up a wall.

The IB600 has 7.5kW of heat output, is 75% efficient, and the fascia size is 795 x 610mm. For more detailed information, and dimensions, view the Builders and Architects Information sheet below.

The system allows you to run a flue horizontally for up to 5 metres, meaning the gas fire can be positioned on internal walls and then flued to an external wall. The outer flue cowl is a small and subtle tile that can be painted to match the building's exterior wall so that the appearance of the outside wall is not compromised.

100% made from Stainless steel, and does not require the unnecessary expense of a flue system. Heat output is 16.5kW, and either Natural Gas or LPG can be used.

If you have no external walls suitable for installing the EF 5000, then simply use the Kitset Wall Unit (pictured), an easy-to-assemble, customizable, freestanding unit designed especially for the EF 5000 - letting you place the fire anywhere you wish.

Rinnai Symmetry

Blending functionality and style, the new Symmetry DV3610 from Rinnai will be the focal point of your living environment. The fire features cost-saving efficiency, design versatility and leading innovations to help keep your home warm and healthy throughout the year.

7.5kw warm up two addition rooms with heat transfer optional extra
Heat your home with four-star efficiency
Easy on your pocket and the environment
An effective and consistent heat source


Rinnai's Power Flue technology enables the Arriva Power Flue fire to reach new heights in heating performance and efficiency.

Power Flue works by employing an inbuilt electrical fan to draw in the air from outside for combustion and propel combusted gas back outside.

Available in three designer models with three colour options, Pearlescent Black, Dark Bronze and Champagne Silver, the Reflection is an affordable fire of genuine quality and one that will enhance the interiors of both modern and traditional homes.

From supremely efficient domestic models to heaters with enough raw grunt to warm up even the draughtiest lecture theatre, there's an Energy Saver to suit your needs. Use the easy-to-follow specification table to find the model that's right for you.

An electronic thermostat helps maintain the desired room temperature, while an economy setting switches the heater to lower gas consumption without affecting the chosen heat. Portable heaters can simply be unplugged and moved from one wall or floor socket to any other around the home. If your home has access to gas but you don't currently have any gas sockets, these can be easily installed by your gas fitter.

Unaffected by external air currents, the heat is channelled to specific areas by reflectors. For outdoor installations, the Outdoor Super Ray is weather proofed specifically for the job, and can be placed under eaves or awnings.

This fire is unique to the Real Fires range with features such as brushed stainless steel canopy and back panel, stainless base and ash cover drawer.

The Real Fires SS900 represents the pinnacle of technology and design, with electric on/off and fan-assisted convection as standard.

European-styled stainless steel front panel with a two-speed fan set. All models in the range have fully modulating controls as well as a remote control. Side reflective panels enhance the flame image.

Your Real Fires Through Wall can be finished to suit your decor. Choose from brushed stainless or black trim, and for the open side modern or classic grates. Mix and match these options to suit your style. For example, you may choose black trim with a classic grate for one side and brushed stainless with a modern grate for the other.

This fire is designed for the new timber frame situations only and is not suited to existing brick fireplaces. No additional fire-proofing is required around the fire box, as it is supplied with a Real Fires insulated kit to maximise safety and performance. There is a performance differential between the open side and the glass side, with the open side outputting approximately 70 percent of the available heat.

Please note when this model is installed on the outside wall, the heat output is reduced on the glass side due to the double glazing required to keep the room completely sealed from the outdoor elements.

  • Automatic electric ignition
  • Multifunctions electric oven
  • Programmable electronic timer
  • Utility drawer
  • Cooling fan
  • Pan supports
  • Adjustable feet
  • Rast tray
  • Grilling trivet
  • Internal light
  • Enamel interior
  • Stainless steel
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Flame failure protection
  • Stainless steel
  • Can be jetted for LPG or Natural Gas
  • Removable cast iron trivets
  • Five Year Warranty